How to Cook Frozen Crab Legs

Frozen crab legs make an excellent addition to any dinner table. Precooked and delicious when heated correctly, frozen crab legs provide the perfect comfort food!

To prepare frozen crab legs, fill a large pot with water and season to taste with salt or spice as desired. Boil for five minutes then enjoy! It really couldn’t be any simpler!


When cooking frozen crab legs, thawing is key. Doing this properly will ensure even cooking and avoid rubbery textures due to overcooking. For optimal results, place frozen crab legs in the refrigerator overnight; alternatively you could also run cool water through a colander over them to accelerate this process.

Once thawed, crab legs can be cooked several ways; boiling being the most popular. To do this, fill a large pot with salted and Old Bay-seasoned water and bring to a boil before adding crab legs. Simmer these for 8-10 minutes on medium-low until cooked through and tender before serving with either melted butter or another sauce of your choosing for dipping.

Steaming frozen crab legs is another method for cooking them quickly. To do this, simply fill a large pot with boiling water, add your crab legs to it and cover it. Allow this method of preparation to continue for 8-10 minutes until their meat has become tender and fully cooked – or insert a thermometer into one of their thickest portions and read out 145 degrees Fahrenheit to determine whether they’re done.

Frozen king crab legs offer an easy and delicious seafood option you can enjoy year-round. Available at supermarkets, specialty seafood stores and online retailers alike, when selecting your frozen king crab legs be sure to choose ones with vibrant hues that feel firm when touched; avoid those that appear dull-toned or have soft textures as these could have reached their prime state. Once purchased you can prepare them using different methods such as boiling or baking before enjoying with any desired side sauces or accompaniments.


Though fresh seafood is always preferred, frozen crab legs make for a simple alternative that is ready-to-reheat in boiling water. The key to cooking crab legs properly is not overdoing it so keep an eye on both timer and thermometer to make sure that everything is done to perfection!

Steaming crab legs is another quick and efficient method of cooking them quickly. To do so, fill a large pot with enough water to cover your crab legs, bring it to a boil over medium heat, place your crab legs into it with tight-fitting lid to trap steam, then continue boiling it until the legs are hot and tender – approximately 8-10 minutes should do.

If you prefer something with more of a savory bite, add herbs or seasonings to the boiling water while boiling crab legs – this will infuse them with delicious flavors while they cook, making your crab legs even more satisfying to consume! Additionally, garlic, lemon slices or butter can be added for an amazing dipping sauce for your crab legs.

As soon as your crab legs have reached desired texture and color, the easiest way to determine they’re ready is by inspecting their color and texture. Shells should be bright red while meat should be opaque and pull away easily from its shell when fully cooked. Alternatively, insert a meat thermometer into one of them; when this reading reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit you know they are ready for consumption!

If you’re in search of an easy and portable way to cook crab legs, baking them might be your perfect solution. Perfect for busy families looking for delicious meals at home without leaving their seats, simply place the crab legs on a baking sheet before placing it into an oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes until they feel warm to touch before topping with butter or ghee while they’re still hot!


Crab legs are an indulgent seafood delight, packed with flavor and protein and boasting many essential vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, selenium, and magnesium. While fresh crab legs offer more benefits, many prefer cooking frozen crab legs at home as it can be purchased more affordably and prepared more quickly.

Steaming frozen crab legs is an effective way to heat them without changing their sweet taste or tender texture, while keeping their delicious juices intact. Incorporating spices like garlic powder, onion powder or Old Bay seasoning into the steaming water can add additional flavors that enhance any meal.

To steam frozen crab legs, simply place them in a steamer basket or trivet set over rapidly boiling water and cover. Let the crab legs steam for approximately five minutes, or until they have reached an ideal temperature. You may add herbs or lemon slices for additional flavoring of your dish.

Baking frozen crab legs is another popular method for cooking them, particularly if your kitchen space is limited or you want an additional layer of flavor in your crab legs. To bake frozen crab legs in an oven at 375 degrees and line a baking sheet with foil. Once heated up, place crab legs in a large bowl with butter (melted or olive) mixed with your desired spices (garlic, onion or Old Bay are excellent options) and toss until evenly covered in mixture before transferring onto baking sheet ensuring no overlap occurs before heating for 10-15 minutes once heated through in an oven at 375 degrees until heated through.

Once cooked, serve your crab legs with their favorite dipping sauce for maximum enjoyment! Or add in a side of steamed vegetables or pasta for a heartier meal option.


Grilling crab legs is a fast and simple way to add smokey flavor. Just ensure you use a clean grate sprayed with cooking oil; brush shells with oil prior to placing on grill; this helps avoid sticking issues; once completed make sure you wrap shells in foil as soon as possible to keep them hotter for longer!

Time taken for grilling frozen crab legs depends on their size and number; be sure to cook until opaque meat turns clear, which you can test by inserting a thermometer into one of their thickest parts.

Boiling frozen crab legs is another option for quickly and flavorfully preparing them, though not as quickly. Season the water used for boiling with salt or other seasonings to infuse flavor into your crab’s flesh while increasing its taste.

Cooking frozen crab legs in an oven is an easy, uncomplicated process that requires only minimal ingredients and preparation time. Just place frozen crab legs on a piece of foil, place in the oven for 25-30 minutes depending on whether they’re still frozen, or 10-15 if thawed, until steam begins coming from inside of them – an indicator that they’re finished will appear when steam comes pouring from it!

Frozen leg of crab can make an excellent appetizer or main course dish, pairing perfectly with many side dishes such as grilled corn on the cob, lemon-parsley potato salad and macaroni salad for a tasty and nutritious meal. Dip frozen legs of crab into melted butter or ghee for an unforgettable seafood entree for guests!

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