How to Easily Store Your Coffee to Keep It Fresh

If you are a coffee lover and drinker, you probably want to figure out the best way to store your coffee to keep it fresh and flavorful. Improper storage can take away from the flavor and leave you with coffee that has a stale taste to it, but there are some simple and effective ways to store it with no problem.

How to Store the Coffee

The best place to put your coffee is in a container that comes equipped with a tight lid. The lid must be tight enough to keep the air out. You do not want an excessive amount of air or moisture to get into the container. You should also keep your stored coffee in a dark place instead of allowing the light to hit it.

Good Storage Options

Most people care about convenience when picking a storage location for their coffee because they do not want to search around for it early in the morning and they want to have easy access to it. You should always choose a dark spot for your coffee.

It is a good idea to place it inside of a closet where it will not get any direct sunlight. While some people think the fridge is a good spot for storage, it is best to avoid putting your coffee in the fridge because that is a moist area.

Do not put your coffee in a spot where it is going to get hot suggest,. For example, you should avoid placing it inside of a cabinet that is situated above the stovetop or anywhere near it. Some people like to leave their coffee stored in a sealed container and placed on a spot in their countertop that is far from the heat and far away from any sunlight.

Choosing the Right Container

After you have opened the package of coffee, you need to store it quickly or it will no longer have that fresh taste when you prepare it. Immediately after you have opened the package, you should place the coffee into the right container.

Not sure which one to choose? Glass containers are a good choice. Pick something that has an airtight lid to keep the air from getting into the container when you are not using the coffee. If you do not have a glass container, you can use a plastic one, but you do need to make sure it is in a cool environment without being exposed to any sunlight.

Keep It Fresh

After the coffee is roasted, it will lose its freshness within a few days. Upon roasting ground coffee, you should use it as quickly as you can. Once two weeks have passed, it will no longer taste as fresh. If you have whole beans, they will remain fresh for at least a month after you have roasted them.

If you always want to have a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee, you should get coffee that has just been roasted and avoid buying it in bulk. Purchase enough of it to last you for up to two weeks.

If you happen to see a good sale on a bulk of coffee and you want to get it to save the money, make sure to store the rest of the coffee that you are not immediately using in a container with a tight lid that keeps the air out. In fact, you should have two containers available.

One that contains enough coffee to last for a few days and one that contains the rest of the coffee. The purpose of having two containers is to keep air from getting into the larger container because then the air could cause the coffee to taste much less fresh.

The Difference Between Whole Bean and Ground Coffee

Whole bean coffee will last longer. If it is grounded, it will go badly a bit quicker. If at all possible, it is best to simply take a few whole beans and then ground those beans in the morning right before you prepare the cup of coffee.

Try Green Coffee Beans

When you want to have the best cup of coffee that is fresh and full of great flavor, you should think about grinding up some green coffee beans. They tend to last much longer than the traditional coffee beans. When stored correctly, you can keep them fresh for up to a year, which is a great way to save money while still having fresh, delicious coffee.

Picking the Right Coffee From the Store

If coffee is your favorite thing to drink, there is a good chance that you do not get it from the grocery store. When you do need to get it from the grocery store, pick options that are valve sealed. Any options that are vacuum sealed are not going to taste nearly as fresh.

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