How to Effectively Use a Wok on A Glass -Top Stove

So, you have your wok, either round or flat bottomed one, but your stove is glass-topped. You are left wondering if you can use the wok on that stove. Woks having taken their place in our kitchen, despite the ever-changing features in cooking range. We have to modify to use the woks on the cooking appliances.

But, can you effectively use a wok on a glass top stove for your easy cooking?

Yes, you can use a wok on a glass-top stove. However, to know how to effectively use it, you should read this article to the end. In it, you will find more details on how to achieve the best results despite the challenges that come with this cooking range.

But firstly, let’s learn with  kitchenviva about the best wok for glass top stove.

What You Need to Know About Glass Top stoves

Glass top stoves are made of smooth tempered ceramic glass. The smooth surface gets heated as glass first during formation then crystallized to harden it. The crystallization also helps it withstand high heat when cooking.

There are different types of glass top stoves based on how they heat. These include:

  • Radiant
  • This stove uses a heated coil of metal that is beneath the ceramic glass.
  • Induction
  • These stoves use magnets to heat. The magnet interacts with the metal of the wok to generate heat.
  • Semi-halogen
  • Uses both metal and halogen bulbs to heat.
  • Halogen
  • The stove uses halogen bulbs to heat instead of metal.

These glass top stoves have small differences when it comes to cooking. And on top of that, the advantages of using them are the same. Some of these advantages are given below:

  1. Faster cooking
  2. Easy to control heat
  • Easy cleaning since it’s easy to wipe
  1. High tech safety

However, the glass top stove comes with its downsides too. Some of these disadvantages are: can be cracked by heavy woks, prone to scratches, and challenging for new wok users.

You might find it difficult to use some type of wok on a glass-top stove. Thus, in the next section, you will find a guide on which one works better.

Which wok is better, flat or round bottom wok?

Of the two best flat and round bottom wok, the flat one has an upper hand when it comes to using in glass top stoves. A flat-bottomed wok’s flat surface comes into complete contact with the burner.

However, you can use a round-bottomed wok on the flat glass-topped stove. You will have to use a wok ring which puts the wok a few inches between the wok and the burner.

With the two types of wok usable on a glass top stove, here is how to effectively use a wok on a glass top stove.

How to effectively Use a Wok on a Glass Top Stove

Here is the step-by-step process of using a wok on a glass-top stove.

Step 1: Put your wok on the glass top surface before turning it on

If you are using a flat-bottomed wok, you can directly put it on the glass-ceramic surface. However, ensure that the work is almost the same size as the burner to avoid resource wastage.

In the case of the round-bottom wok, you will need a wok ring on the surface to make the wok stable. Despite lifting the wok from the burner, it will help you with the wok’s stability.

Step 2: Preheat the wok on slow heat

Before you start cooking, preheat the burner for about 10 minutes. You will then add oil coating before adding food. Ensure that the wok smokes slightly before you start frying.

Preheating is mandatory whether cast-iron or carbon steel. This prevents sudden temperature change. The temperature change causes wrapping in carbon steel woks and cracks in cast-iron woks.

Step 3:  Add cooking oil, heat ill ready then stir fry

After performing the above procedure, you will add adequate cooking oil then heat till you hear it sizzle – a sign that it is ready. You will add food and using a spatula stir the food for uniform frying. Alternatively, you can lift and swirl the pan

Despite the glass top being sturdy and strong, it can shutter in some conditions. So, as a user, there are things you should avoid to ensure the stove serves you effectively for long.

What to Avoid When Using a Glass-Top Stove
  • Since woks are made of different materials such as cast iron or carbon steel, avoid using the cast iron wok on glass top stove. The cast iron’s lower surface is rough and will leave scratched on the glass surface on movement.
  • Cooking appliances like pans or skillets with round edges are unstable and will be challenging to use. If possible, avoid using them to reduce spillage on the hot glass top when cooking.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or metallic pads when leaning. They will leave scratches on the smooth surface. You should instead use a soft cloth or sponge with cream cleaning solutions that are specifically meant for glass.
  • No matter how heavy the wok might be, never drag it on the glass surface, it will leave scratches that will damage the smooth glass top.
  • Don’t put hot bakeware to cool off on the glass top. It will damage the surface.
  • Take good care of the glass top by immediately cleaning in case of sugary substance spillage. The sugary substance tends to leave a yellowish discolor that is irremovable.


As you have learned in this article, you can use a wok on a glass top stove. Furthermore, you learned what to avoid for the long life of your glass top. With the sleek design of these modern stoves, you should get yours and enjoy the benefits you have read above.

 These glass top stoves will also give your kitchen a fancy and appealing look. And if you use the information in this article that answers if you can use a wok on a glass top stove, you will enjoy using a wok on this cooking range.

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