4 Easy Steps How to Find High-Paying Corporate Wellness Jobs

Corporate wellness professionals who are health educators can inspire healthy living and give employees more reason to stay with the company. They can help companies save money by helping to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. They can offer medical evaluations at work or help with weight loss competitions.

What are the duties of a corporate wellness professional?

Corporate wellness specialists are on-site at companies. They meet with employees in their workplace and instill positive habits that will have a lasting impact on the health of the workforce. Corporate wellness jobs are best for people who enjoy helping others and are interested in health and healthcare.

Not all corporate wellness jobs are the same. Larger corporations tend to hire one or more corporate wellbeing professionals to provide services to their employees in-house. Smaller businesses may not have the resources or employees to afford a full-time employee. These companies instead outsource their wellness programs.

If you are employed full-time with a company keep in mind that your work schedule and job would likely be similar to a 9-5 office job. If you work for an outside agency, expect to travel and set your own schedule so you can provide service at multiple locations.

It doesn't matter if you work for an agency or a company, you should understand that you will be working alongside a variety of people. You should also know that many companies offer incentives to employees who participate in their corporate wellness program . This means that some participants will be more dedicated than others.

In order to fully understand the organization's goals , you will be working with business executives. They will also expect you to collaborate with them in order to create programs that meet their needs. This could include helping to implement fitness programs, healthy food options, or even adjusting or introducing new office equipment to promote wellness.

You will need a wide range of skills to be a successful corporate wellness health educator. When creating wellness plans for employees, it is essential to communicate well with them. Once you have established the goals and budget, your leadership skills will be used to implement and manage your wellness program.

You are expected to be passionate about healthy living and to want to help others achieve their goals. Participants will be motivated to take a positive, optimistic attitude and to work hard to improve their health. As you manage the day to day operation of your programs, you will also be responsible for many administrative tasks.

Ways to Find Corporate Wellness Jobs

If you've heard of companies offering corporate wellness programs, and think that this could be a great opportunity for your talents and interests to be used, these are a few steps to follow to get the job of your dreams.

1. Perform an "inventory", a list of all your skills.

This strategy is especially useful for students. You still have time if you are a graduate. It will be a great help to know what you know and who you would like to hire.

While grades may prevent you from being interviewed, they won't guarantee you one. No one wants to work alongside a novice. They do however want to work alongside someone with experience in the workplace.

It doesn't matter where you work. No matter what type of workplace you are in, it is important to learn from and associate with the people running the wellness or education program. You can also practice with mentors in a low-risk environment and ask them questions.

2. Find the right job in wellness

Now it's time to find the right job for you. LinkedIn and Indeed are the most popular platforms. Zip Recruiter, Monster and Monster are both good options. You should also check out industry job boards maintained and updated by organizations like Wellness Councils of America. Another great resource is the Chronical for Higher Education. Don't forget to include education on resume to make it more fancy. This site can help you find positions in schools or universities that are related to wellness.

These people are great sources of job leads. You may also find that your friends and family are working in the wellness sector or have connections to people who are. Try to connect them with the wellness coordinator. Ask intelligent questions you have prepared and thought of.

3. Find out why you chose to pursue wellness as a career choice

It may be related to the time you chose a wellness or health promotion major at college. You should be able relate the following: Why a holistic approach to wellness appealed to you? How choosing to live a healthier lifestyle was a personal victory? How helping others change your mind about Wellness?

It has been proven over the years that no one can get rich from pursuing wellness. They will be able to tell that you are passionate about wellness. Interviewers will want to see that you love wellness just as much as them.

4. Get a certification in wellness

Remember that a certificate is an excellent idea as it adds color to your academic and job experiences. A certification is not necessary for most jobs. While a certification won't affect your job prospects in most cases, it can make a difference in some cases. The most valuable qualification is actually having worked in wellness jobs. It is important to consider the cost of continuing education if you decide to obtain a certification.


The starting salaries for corporate wellness jobs should range from $30,000 to $40,000 annually. Higher salaries will be offered for wellness jobs that require a master's level. Salaries will vary depending upon the job responsibilities and the wellness program. To get more chances of a better job, use top resume writing service and have a professional brand resume with no effort.

But, the goal of wellness is not to make a lot of money. Instead of observing the unhealthy practices in corporate workplaces, they decide to be part of the movement to improve employee wellbeing and health.

The passion and qualities you already possess will make you a successful professional in this field. You can get a degree in public health or nutrition, exercise science, health and wellness, and the practical skills to start a career as a corporate wellness professional.

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