How to Give Your Kitchen a Makeover on a Tight Budget? (tips you need to know)

The whole idea of updating your kitchen on a low budget might sound unrealistic to you. There’s no denying that it’s a challenging task. But that doesn’t make it impossible either. So it’s time to find out how to give your kitchen a makeover on a tight budget.

Maybe you wish to raise the value of your property. In that sense, kitchen restoration is a great way of attracting potential buyers. Or maybe you merely want to update an old kitchen because you’re moving into that house. Whatever the case, I have the best simple low budget kitchen designs. That can transform the appearance of the room!

How to Give Your Kitchen a Makeover on a Tight Budget

#1 Style

The first step here is deciding what style or design you want to choose for your kitchen. Something modern and clean? Or something that’s eclectically creative?

You can take how much ever time you need. Just make sure you look at different designs on the web. There’s Pinterest for that. And when you find a style to your liking, save a few photos for inspiration.

#2 Cabinets

Are your cabinets in good condition? If they’re not broken and just need an update, how about the idea of painting them? Sounds less time-consuming and complicated, doesn’t it?

Imagine how your kitchen would look if it were all-white? But feel free to paint the top cabinets a different shade than the bottom ones. Likewise, your main cabinets can be painted a different color than the island cabinets. More often than not, darker shades look better at the bottom. And lighter colors at the top.

As for what kind of paint finish, you can ditch the traditional semi-gloss textured paint. It’s an outdated concept for cabinets now. The majority of paints are cleanable these days. On top of that, the shiny look of semi-gloss paint just doesn’t look modern.

Go for milk and chalk paints instead of latex paint for cabinets. They’re way more versatile!

#3 Countertops

Granite or quartz countertops cost thousands of dollars. So when you want to know how to give your kitchen a makeover on a tight budget, quartz and granite are out of the picture. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. As long as you’re willing to try less conventional ideas, you’re not stuck in a rut.

One very creative option is white concrete countertops. This is an industrial-style design. The color palette is off-white, which means they look more versatile and warmer.

Then another brilliant idea is wooden countertops. After all, wood countertops cost way less even when compared to inexpensive laminate.

I also love the idea of painting the counters to make them look just like stone. The paint product is known as Spreadstone. And you know what, it actually is built using stone!

#4 Backsplash

This is another department where you can cut costs. Let’s say you have a small kitchen. In that case, your backsplash area is also small. So you can decide to spend a little more for a high-end tile. Or you can go the other way.

Keep in mind that the backsplash space is the highlighted area of your kitchen. This means you’ve got to give it all your attention.

When the budget is tight, your DIY affordable kitchen backsplash project can include paint. With all the cabinet and countertop work, I’m sure you have some craft paint leftover. So use that along with a little bit of tape to achieve this look.

Another great budget-friendly kitchen backsplash idea is using the peel and stick kind of vinyl flooring. You only end up using half, which amounts to only $20.

#5 Floor

Has your kitchen floor seen happier days? If yes, and you’re working on a tight budget, consider the option of wood laminate. The greater part of DIY enthusiasts is able to pull of wood laminate. The material is water-resistant as well. And it wears beautifully well.

Painting vinyl flooring is an excellent idea when the budget is low. However, this seems like a temporary fix. So if that’s not what you have in mind, then how about installing laminate flooring instead?

Quick Creative Ideas for Kitchen Makeover on a Tight Budget

  • Add pattern

By pattern, I mean a luxurious floral wallpaper or vintage-inspired rug. Such accessories bring in a touch of personality. Irrespective of how small or large your kitchen space is! You can add both at once as well. Just make sure the different patterns share a few linking colors.

  • Install floating shelves

More storage is never a bad idea. You can place some rustic-looking ledges over your sink for stacking glasses and dishes. Get even more creative by leaning artwork!

  • Get an inexpensive dining table

IKEA is your best buddy when doing house makeovers on a low budget. The store has plenty of affordable dining tables. So bring in one and place it right next to your kitchen island. Both can touch by the way.

  • Recolor your appliances

You can enhance the look of your appliances simply by recoloring them using vinyl. The idea of painting your simple stainless-steel stove a pretty shade of mint sounds like a genius idea.

  • Add colored stools

Did you know that metal stools are surprisingly inexpensive? So you can get them to brighten up your kitchen space. If your kitchen is all-white, a beautiful rainbow effect like this can really transform the room.


Now you know how to give your kitchen a makeover on a tight budget.

If your kitchen looks old or tired, there’s no need to spend a huge amount of money on transforming its appearance. Instead, you need some time, effort, and creativity of course.

Just keep in mind that cabinets and cupboards can be re-painted. As long as they’re in good condition! As for what colors to pick, go for rich and calming shades rather than loud ones.

Speaking of which, avoid doing anything too extreme. Because when you do, you have to put in more time, effort, and even money. So keep the makeover project simple but very creative.

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