Do You Want To Lose Weight Fast? Try These Martial Arts

Dieting is a surefire way to lose weight, but if you like to be fit at the same time, you need to integrate some form of exercise. In case you also want to lose weight fast, and you don’t want to diet excessively, here is another way to do it: practice a form of martial arts. The following sports are guaranteed to help you burn calories fast and get in shape.


A form of martial arts that will surely have you sweating and burning calories by the hundreds is boxing. Trying to hit an opponent, or just training with a bag will have all your major muscle groups engaged. Most drills will have you break into a sweat, but it’s training with a heavy bag and cardio exercises that will truly make you burn calories.

f you hit a heavy bag or if you opt for speed bag for one hour straight, that will have you burn up to 450 calories, and, if you spend the same time sparring in a ring, you will be able to burn 200 calories on top of the first number mentioned.

Krav Maga

This is the name of a martial art that combines both elements of defense and offense, and it’s very popular at the moment. Krav Maga is ideal for people who get bored quickly with their workouts and want to try something different.

The Krav Maga style is very aggressive, and it will teach more about offense than other martial arts you can try today. It will also help you build more muscle mass, so your overall appearance will improve. This one is a great calorie burner, too, as, depending on your weight, it can help you burn between 600 and 900 calories in one hour.


Another excellent calorie burner that you should consider is judo. An old art of fighting that focuses on defense, judo is embraced by novices as it is not difficult to learn and its drills are fun to perform. With a calorie burning rate of 800-900 calories per hour, you can expect some excellent weight loss that you would not be able to achieve otherwise.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is not just a simple martial art, but a combination of many. Its routines are very demanding, physically wise, as they involve a lot of jumping, flipping, and kicking. More legwork is involved, and you can also expect a lot of cardio.

As for how much calories you can burn in one hour, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should see a calorie burn of 687, with variations depending on how correctly you execute the drills and so on.

Tai Chi

You might not expect to see Tai Chi on this list, but if you are not into tough, aggressive martial arts, you can expect to burn some calories while practicing this peaceful type of physical activity. Focused more on expanding your range of motion and flexibility, Tai Chi can help you meditate and find your inner peace. Plus, it can help you burn up to 240 calories in one hour, if you weigh 125 pounds.

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