How to Make a Breve

A breve is an elegant espresso-based drink that blends one or two shots of espresso with steamed half-and-half for an enjoyable coffee beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

At home, making a breve requires only two ingredients: espresso and half-and-half. It is easy to do and no special equipment is needed for its preparation.

1. Pull two shots of espresso

Breve is an espresso-based beverage served in a glass with steamed half-and-half. Similar to a latte, but more creamy and rich.

Breve is an ideal option for coffee enthusiasts as its easy preparation makes it perfect for at-home use. While making lattes typically requires an elaborate coffee machine, breve can be made using appliances you already own.

To prepare a breve, pull two shots of espresso using a 1:2 ratio, using 20 grams of ground coffee for each shot – this should give you one double shot and take 30 seconds or so through your portafilter.

Your coffee breve can benefit from adding milk for extra flavor and creaminess, or opting for whole or half-and-half milk as a healthier choice.

How much milk you add to your breve depends on its strength and flavor; some people like their coffee with less milk while others may like more.

If you prefer something sweeter in your breve, adding sugar will not only add sweetness but also help cut back on calories.

Add an extra sweet and decadent note to your coffee by sprinkling cocoa powder into it for an added sweet, rich, and luxurious kick! Just a pinch will do, giving your beverage that little bit of extra sweetness and depth of flavour.

Another way to add some flair to your breve is to mix in vanilla schnapps or other flavorings – perhaps some cinnamon or cocoa powder could add an interesting flair!

Breve coffee can be made using either Arabica or Robusta beans, though the former are generally more fragrant and aromatic than their counterparts.

Attaining optimal taste when it comes to espresso brewing requires grinding your coffee grounds in such a way as to allow the water to quickly pass through them.

Keep your coffee tasting fresh by regularly switching up its grind. For guidance on selecting an ideal grinder, refer to our guide on choosing one for yourself.

2. Steam half-and-half

A breve is a classic espresso beverage composed of one or two shots of espresso combined with hot half-and-half. Easy to make at home and delicious either hot or cold, breves make great treats!

Starbucks and other coffee shops often serve up this decadent treat, which can be ordered with or without milk and is generally unsweetened for added creamy indulgence.

If you don’t have half-and-half on hand, a simple alternative can be created using equal parts light cream and whole milk as a substitute. Light cream may add some fat to your beverage but is still very enjoyable and much lower in calories compared to heavy cream.

For optimal breve results, an espresso machine and steam wand should be used, but a milk frother can still provide similar results, though they might not be quite as silky and smooth.

Start by steaming the half-and-half, either using a milk frothing tool or saucepan. Make sure it reaches between 145-162 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal steaming results.

Once your half-and-half has been heated to temperature, pour it carefully over your espresso. Aim to achieve approximately two times as much cream in each cup before pouring your foamed half on top and stirring to combine everything.

When making homemade steamed milk, using a thermometer is extremely essential. Once your milk reaches 140deg, turn off the steam wand and wipe it clean before placing your thermometer into your jug and watching until your milk reaches 160deg.

As this will ensure your steamed milk has the appropriate texture to create a breve, as well as keep calories down due to using half-and-half which contains plenty of fats and calories.

3. Pour the steamed half-and-half over the espresso

A breve is a type of coffee drink made by mixing steamed half-and-half with espresso for an indulgent experience. This delectable drink typically goes unsweetened; however, some places add vanilla syrup for those seeking additional sweetness.

Breves can be made at home using just two ingredients – steamed half-and-half and espresso. A delicious treat to treat yourself or family, making this homemade coffee drink is easy and quick!

Steaming milk correctly is essential in creating an exquisite breve. Doing this creates microfoam, commonly referred to by baristas as velvet milk. To achieve this type of foaminess, heat half-and-half until its temperature reaches 150 degrees F before steaming.

Once it reaches this temperature, you can begin frothing milk using a special jug designed specifically for this process and equipped with an internal temperature gauge to help ensure you reach the appropriate temperatures.

Place the jug underneath the steam wand of your espresso machine, and submerge just a few centimeters of its wand in milk for approximately five seconds – this should allow enough time for stretching of milk, and you should hear an audible hissing sound as steam enters it.

This will stretch out the half-and-half while simultaneously adding air into the liquid, creating small air bubbles and producing a thick layer of foam on top as your breve base.

Frothing jugs are invaluable tools for maintaining the proper temperature of half-and-half, helping it not to over-froth or lose flavor, as well as adding an eye-catching visual aspect to the finished drink.

An essential step of this process is positioning the steam wand at an appropriate distance from the surface of the half-and-half. Over-steaming may result in large bubbles which won’t froth well.

Once your frothing process is complete, combine steamed half-and-half with espresso for a delightful drink that is ideal for sipping. Feel free to top this beverage off with some whipped cream if desired for extra flair!

4. Add the foam

A breve is an Italian-inspired coffee drink similar to both cappuccino and latte, yet with one distinct difference: half-and-half is used instead of milk for its creamy texture, creating something truly delectable that rivals any traditional version.

Breves can also be made without milk or half-and-half, though it’s important to remember they contain plenty of calories and fat. If your health is of paramount concern, consider opting for non-dairy alternatives like coconut or cashew milk when creating your drink.

Foaming up your breve can seem complex at first, but once done several times it becomes second nature.

Step one of this process begins with steaming half-and-half to 160 degrees Fahrenheit using a thermometer, before pouring it onto your espresso breve for added frothiness.

Once the steamed half-and-half has been added to your espresso, take some of its foam and pour it directly into your cup to create an airy microfoam that keeps everything in place. Please be mindful when pouring it as this thicker foam needs to be carefully added if used in your mug.

Finally, for added flavor you can add vanilla extract or other flavors such as citrus fruits to enhance and sweeten the drink. This is an easy way to elevate its experience and add sweetness without making it overly complex.

Breve is an exceptional coffee beverage to add to your menu at home, boasting a satisfyingly rich, sweet, and creamy mouthfeel that will satisfy a range of palates.

Home-brewing iced coffee is simple and doesn’t require too much equipment; all that’s required are an espresso machine, steamer and half-and-half.

While it isn’t exactly healthy, breve is still an enjoyable treat when made correctly and makes for an impressive drink for special events or family occasions. Try it yourself today to create that unforgettable beverage!

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