How to Make a Substitute For Hello Fresh Cream Sauce Base

Hello Fresh’s cream sauce base is an integral component of many of their meals, providing creamy texture and neutral flavors that complement various dishes perfectly.

For those with lactose intolerance or those looking for healthier alternatives, there are a variety of cream sauce bases that work equally as well – milk or half and half, sour cream and coconut milk are some examples.

Milk and Cornflour

There are various easy ways to create a homemade HelloFresh cream sauce base using ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard and refrigerator. One such method utilizes milk and cornflour as an ingredient combination that works great as a low fat alternative that also thickens sauces – also suitable for those allergic to dairy!

To create this substitution, mix equal parts of milk and cornstarch until well mixed; then pour this sauce onto your chosen dish such as mac and cheese, lasagna, moussaka or scalloped potatoes – acting in place of cream sauce base in these recipes.

Combining these ingredients will produce a creamy texture similar to that of cream. Additionally, this mixture can also be used to thicken soups, sauces and dips – it makes an ideal lower fat/kilojoule option to heavy cream!

Ricotta cheese provides another easy alternative to cream sauce for creating thick textures while adding subtler flavors, providing an ideal solution for those trying to avoid dairy altogether.

As another great solution, purchasing premade cream sauce mixes is another convenient and time-saving solution. These mixes can be found both online and in stores; just be wary that some may contain additional salt or additives – to stay safe it is wise to read their labels prior to making a decision on purchasing any such item.


No matter your cuisine of choice or needing dairy-free solutions for recipes, bechamel mixes provide an easy and fast solution for creating creamy-tasting soubise sauce. Just grab one or more premade bechamel mixes from your local store and start creating your recipe today!

Start by adding half the amount requested in a recipe and stirring to incorporate before deciding if any additional adjustments are needed. An overdose can render dishes too tart for comfort; to prevent this, consider adding butter or olive oil instead as desired.

Replace milk with soy or coconut milk to achieve that creamy, milky flavor without dairy products. Keep in mind that coconut milk has a slightly sweeter taste; adjust other ingredients accordingly to achieve balance.

Plant-based soubise sauce makes an excellent substitute for recipes calling for traditional white sauce, with its similar taste but far lower fat content. You can easily create one yourself by stirring soy or silken tofu into basic bechamel and adding any desired extra flavors such as pepper or nutmeg for flavor enhancement.

Ricotta cheese makes an excellent homemade alternative to creamy sauces, offering similar texture and taste profiles as white sauce while having a subdued, neutral flavour suited for use in other dishes. Use it on roast root vegetables or drizzle it over pan-fried steak for an enjoyable meal – Heston Blumenthal used this innovation in his two-course menu at Fat Duck that featured ice-filtered lamb jelly, braised lamb tongue, cucumber salad – it certainly looked impressive!

Stock + Olive Oil + Flour

If you have access to quality stock or broth, this can make an easy and fast alternative to cream sauce base. Simply heat until thickened before adding any seasonings or ingredients of your choosing – perfect for soups, baked pasta or vegetable dishes, dips and sauces – in under five minutes and you will have made delicious homemade version of HelloFresh cream sauce base!

Homemade alternatives for creamy sauce bases such as HelloFresh cream sauce may include using ricotta cheese, plain yogurt or silken tofu as vegan-friendly creamy substitutes. Premade boxed or jarred cream sauce mixes such as Jotis bechamel sauce can also provide quick solutions, though their sodium and other ingredient amounts might be out of your control; nevertheless they will still provide creamy HelloFresh-esque base versions suitable for your recipe.

Olive oil makes an excellent creamy replacement. Choose mild varieties such as buttery Arbequina from Andalusia or fruity Koroneiki from Crete for optimal results in most recipes, or experiment with adding flavor with flavored olive oils.

Altering the flavor of a white cream sauce base is simple by using herbs or spices, like adding pinches of nutmeg for warmth, or herbs such as sage and rosemary for herbal notes. Or add lemon juice/zest to give the dish an exciting pop!

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a mainstay in vegan and dairy-free diets, making it an excellent ingredient to add creamy sauces. Thanks to its richness, low calorie count, and whippable properties, it makes an ideal replacement for cream-based dishes. Plus, MCTs present in coconut milk have anti-ageing properties as well as help promote weight loss by decreasing insulin levels – two factors essential for successful weight management!

When substituting coconut milk for cream, be sure to choose the full-fat variety for optimal results. Also beware of confusing it with coconut cream which often masquerades as dairy-free yet contains additional sugar and a different taste altogether.

Regular cow’s milk can be substituted with coconut milk in equal parts; however, the latter will thicken more and require additional flour to work effectively. Furthermore, its distinct flavor may overshadow some recipes.

Yogurt is another non-dairy option that can help create creamy sauces without using dairy. Plus, it contains probiotics which are great for gut health! However, its tarty taste will set itself apart from coconut milk.

Almond and soy milks may also be substituted for coconut milk in recipes, though their thickness and taste may be significantly different than coconut’s. Because of this, almond and soy are better suited for light recipes such as smoothies and baked goods while cashew milk has similar consistency which works great in sauces or soups; both versions also offer low calorie options.

Silken Tofu

Silken tofu is an alternative ingredient that can serve as a delicious vegan alternative to cream sauces and creamy dishes, such as cheesecake. With its similar texture to dairy cream, shirred tofu can easily replace it in recipes requiring it. While its flavor remains mild on its own, its combination with other ingredients creates rich and creamy results.

Vegan mayonnaise can also be easily created. Simply mix vegan mayo with standard mayonnaise ingredients such as lemon juice, white wine vinegar, sugar, salt and mustard to produce an irresistibly creamy spread that makes sandwiches taste better than ever! Alternatively, it can also serve as an enticing dip for potato salads and veggie burgers alike!

Tofu makes an excellent addition to cream-based desserts such as pie, cakes and frosting, adding protein and other vital nutrients that help make it a healthy alternative. Furthermore, tofu heats well when heated and boasts similar textures as dairy cream.

Silken tofu makes an effortless pie base, and can be tailored to many flavors – like banana, chocolate peanut butter and pumpkin! Plus it’s vegan friendly!

As another way of using silken tofu as a sauce, try creating creamy garlic chili pasta! All it requires are a few pantry items and can be ready in less than 30 minutes – the perfect meal to enjoy in warm weather, boasting plant-based proteins and fiber as well as umami thanks to nutritional yeast!

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