How to Make CBD Cream at Home

CBD is rightfully gaining popularity and acceptance among masses as people are getting desired mental, physical, and topical benefits. Interestingly, cannabidiol (CBD), derived from cannabis and hemp plants, is highly effective in controlling anti-aging and anti-inflammatory challenges of skin. Your skin– the first line of defense against harmful pathogens and bacteria—deserves much-needed herbal care protection. CBD-infused topical is a rage and you can make CBD cream at home to get rich botanical skin nourishment with strong antioxidant properties.    

You can save a good amount of money if you know how to make CBD cream at home. Thankfully, it is not as difficult as it looks. First of all, you have to decide which CBD topical, whether salves, lotion, or cream, you want to prepare as all these are used differently according to the end objective. It is all about thickness and proportional mix of water and oil along with CBD oil or isolates—extracted from the legal hemp plant. Before we venture into the CBD cream making process, let’s first understand how CBD topical works on the human body and what kind of benefits you expect from your CBD cream. 

How CBD Cream Works 

The human nervous system has the in-built endocannabinoid system (ECS) to produce cannabinoids. The ECS has two types of receptors namely CB1 and CB2, which interact with CBD and THC present in CBD Cream. The CB1 and CB2 are found throughout the body and CB1 is mainly found in the central nervous system—responsible for emotional reaction and pain and memory. The CB2 receptors are found throughout the body, including the top layer of skin—the epidermis. 

When you apply CBD cream, CB2 interacts with hemp-derived cannabinoids present in the cream to relax nerves and reduce inflammation induced by external aging agents. Since CB2 is found mainly in immune system tissues, it plays a very important role in controlling inflammation.  

Recent studies show that CBD affects serotonin receptors and TRPV-1 receptors—which is responsible for temperature and taste. Unlike, high inducing THC which interacts with CNS the topical CBD interacts with CB2 receptors in the skin; thereby you are free of the concern of getting high. Since topical are normally made using non-activated decarboxylated THC, i.e. THC acid, you get promising anti-inflammatory results. 

  • CBD Cream for Anti-Aging: Intrinsic aging is very natural and people lose natural elasticity and collagen fiber with age. However, controlling extrinsic aging triggered by environmental, lifestyle, and nutritional factors is in your hand. Since hemp or cannabis-derived CBD has very strong antioxidant properties, it is highly effective in skincare. Some research suggests that CBD infused creams are more potent than Vitamin C and E, which is highly effective in flushing free-radical. One such CBD cream is produced by medterra, and get a discount using Medterra coupon code available here.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Benefit: It is now well established through scientific research conducted on rats that CBD is highly effective in controlling inflammation, especially when infused with THC. A recent study shows that CBD eases inflammation in allergic dermatitis. CBD infused cream could be of great value if prepared at home with a defined purpose in mind. 
  • CBD Cream for Pain: The natural analgesic property of CBD oil is well established, but when it comes to CBD cream it all depends on composition, strength, and how one applies it to target areas. Since it doesn’t get into the bloodstream, you don’t get the feeling of high, even if it is THC infused. If we go by user experience, people report excellent results even in arthritic pain.  

How to Make CBD Cream at Home

CBD creams are made using an emulsifying agent, oil, and CBD oil or isolate. It is a relatively thicker consistency than lotion but thinner than salves due to varying proportions of water and oil. The 75% oil and 25% water gives you the right thickness for all skin types, especially dry and damaged skins. You can use it in winter as it gives amazing moisturizing results.   

Depending on your skincare goals, you can add additional ingredients like nutrient-rich shea butter to get better anti-inflammatory results, aloe vera gel to get better results in sunburns, natural glycerine for hydration. 

It is all about CBD composition when it comes to CBD topical. So, you have to be very particular about CBD’s source and strength to prepare the best skin care cream. Since now it is legal to buy hemp-derived CBD products in the U.S., you can easily buy CBD tincture or isolates to prepare cream of your choice. You have to be very cautious about THC composition as it is still illegal to buy CBD products with high THC composition (>0.3%). You will get desired results only with an optimum dose of CBD, so you will need additional ingredients like methanol, arnica, or camphor. 

Unlike tincture and gummies which affect the whole body, CBD creams give you the freedom of local application and localized results. The best thing about making CBD cream at home is that you can customize ingredient composition based on your requirements.  

Ingredients for CBD Cream:

  • Three-fourth cup oil of your choice, ideally it should be virgin coconut oil as it offers additional antioxidant 
  • Quarter cup distilled water
  • 0.5-1 oz. beeswax or soy wax or candelilla wax depending on your preference
  • 3000 mg CBD Oil or 3 grams CBD isolate by Fab CBD.
  • Half cup aloe vera gel
  • 2 tbsps natural glycerine (optional)
  • Fragrance as per your preference 

Material Required for Making CBD Cream:

  • Double boiler
  • Measuring cups
  • Measuring spoons
  • Spoon
  • Spatula
  • Hand Mixer or blender
  • Glass container

CBD Cream Making in Steps:

  • It is all about the right mix, so you have to measure all ingredients in a defined proportion before starting the preparation. 
  • First of all, you have to fill the bottom of a double boiler with an inch or two of distilled water. You can use a traditional cooking pot with a heat-proof bowl. 
  • Once the water starts warming, add coconut oil and wax to the top of the double boiler.
  • Let the wax melt smoothly and mix with coconut oil. You have to stir it at regular intervals to prepare the right mixture and avoid scorching. 
  • Once the blend is ready, just turn off the heat and remove the mixture from the top and put it in a glass blender. 
  • Let it cool for an hour and then add aloe vera gel and natural glycerine and essential oil of your choice. Stir gently to prepare smooth cream. 
  • Now, add CBD tincture or isolate and use a mixer or blender to create whipped consistency. 

Your CBD cream is ready for use. You won’t have to keep it in the refrigerator as with application it will last for 2-3 weeks. If you want it for a longer period, then it is better to add some Vitamin E, which acts like natural preservatives. 

Final Words

Isn’t it pretty simple to make your own CBD cream at home? However, you have to pay a little attention to get the desired texture. Add some natural glycerine and whip the cream longer to get gritty texture, and to get the desired consistency to add some aloe vera gel. If you are not getting desired results, you can add more CBD tincture or isolate in your CBD cream to get more potent cream. 

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