How to Make Your Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

If you are tired of guessing whether your dishes are dirty or clean, try the clean dirty dishwasher magnet. It will give you the surety of fresh dishes without any disappointment. It will save lots of money and time. It is also essential and efficient in cleaning the washing machines as well as ovens.

Dirty and Clean Dishwasher Magnet

Most of our children keep on asking us whether the dishes are clean or dirty even when we have used the entire day scrubbing them. Instead of yelling at them as a way of expressing your disappointment in such kind of question, you need to style up a little bit and stick to clean dirty dishwasher magnet.

However, its good to have a standard and visit the net and there you will find one that is friendly to you. It just requires you to be simple and have a beauty all over the house. Also, your kids will do the dishes without being soothed. Personally, I would prefer a clean dirty dishwasher magnet because it makes small reversible, and simple. It ensures beautiful fonts for black and white. Again, my kids will work on dishes without being forced and take full responsibility for making the home neat provided that it is in the house.

For you to make your dirty dishwasher magnet, you require the following supplies;

• Dishwasher Magnet Printable which you download from the net

• Printer & paper. Don’t wonder looking for special paper, just utilize a plain ole white paper folk

• Mod Podge

• scissors

• A paintbrush or foam

• 1 1/2″ heavy duty magnets, and here you should ensure that the magnet sticks to the dishwasher from the two sides.

How To Make Your Dishwasher Magnet

• The first and foremost thing is downloading our clean or dirty dishwasher magnet, which is printable. Note that there are several to a sheet; hence you can make these for relatives or friends. It is awesome! Isn’t it? Also, you can be selfish enough to use an editing program and just print off a single set. Whichever way you want, it is your choice, and there is no one to judge you.

• The next step is cutting out both the dirty and clean circles.

• Then wash and dry the magnet to ensure there is no dirt or any other nasty stuff that can threaten the appearance of your unbelievably awesome and swoon magnet.

• Do the painting of the Mod Podge layer onto the magnet and put one circle on it and repeat the same on the other phase.

• When it becomes semi-dry, clean up its edges by the use of scissors around the magnet to eliminate what might be hanging over.

• Again, paint a Mod Podge layer at the top, sides (to act as a sealer), and bottom to protect your dirty dishwasher magnet.

• Immediately, it dries completely, put it on your dishwasher and wait for its excellent work to call for attention and to advertise itself.

As you can grasp from the steps above, you just require few supplies to make your life-saving dishwasher magnet within a short time. So there you go, no other excuse for having dirty-clean dishes in the house.

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Free Printable Dishwasher

I have a free dishwasher printable and am really in love with it. Your family should not keep on wondering whether the dishes are dirty or clean! The only problem with me is that I still have to whin my kinds of washing the dishes. However, I am sure that there is still magic in it that makes kinds wash the dishes without whining, only that I have not discovered the exact magic and, therefore, how it works remains a dream to me. If you have an idea of how to make that happen, kindly hint to me. Otherwise, it’s excellent working on dishes with Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet.

All our printable free dishwashers are simple and are for personal use only. Its, therefore, our plea that you should not produce them in large numbers withut our permission, neither should you claim them as your own and finally, don’t sell them in your Etsy shop.

Finally, if you want to save time and effort instead of making it yourself you can buy a beautiful Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet here.

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