How To Melt Nutella In 3 Easy Ways!

When it comes to Nutella from the fridge, it is quite a bummer trying to spread it on bread. I know we have all experienced it one time or the other and you start wondering about on how to melt it. The difficulty in using it got me curious, and so I had to find out ways to solve the problem.

The problems encountered when spreading the Nutella on your slices of bread is as a result of its hardness and stiffness after being put in the refrigerator. Curiosity has brought me to find out that there are a couple of ways on how to melt Nutella. This melting is possible for you to do without the need to get anything else like new equipment.

Therefore, keep reading and find out.

Something To Know About Nutella

Nutella is a chocolate spread is made in Italy and is obtained from hazelnut and chocolate. The major part of the Nutella is hazelnut and is about 71.5% while chocolate is about 19.5%. The hazelnut provides the flavor for the chocolate spread.

It is an Italian based product from a company called Ferrero and broke the market in the 1940’s and was later renamed in the 1960’s to what it is known as Nutella. It has grown in popularity over the years and is consumed in many different countries such as United States, New Zealand, and Australia among others.

Normally, Nutella is easy to spread. After storing it in the fridge, the stiffness makes it hard for you and that means you will not take your breakfast fast enough. You will need to let it thaw first hence wasting your time. That is about to change for the better.​

What You Will Require



It is the main item you will need. You may have it as a whole jar, or just a spoonful will be enough for you. The spoonful is sufficient for you if it is spreading on bread you want while a full jar will do if you are planning on making dessert.

A Microwave​

You will require it for when you are heating the Nutella. Don't worry since there are other methods of melting the Nutella that doesn't involve the microwave if you do not have one. If you are thinking of getting one, though, you should check this one out.

Microwave Safe Containers


It will be relevant for you to get secure containers to use in the microwave that won't heat up too much at high temperatures. They are either plastic containers like these or glass containers like these.

Spoon and Butter Knife

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You will require a spoon for when you are scooping the Nutella into a microwave bowl. You also need a knife if you choose the method of heating Nutella with a hot butter knife. You can also check some of these out if you are interested.


You will need the bowl if you choose the method of using a water bath. It is also possible to use a glass or plastic container when microwaving. You can try these out since they are transparent and allow you to see how the Nutella melts quickly.

Hot Water and Hot Tea or Coffee

The water will be relevant to you if you choose to melt the Nutella through the water bath method while the hot tea or coffee will be needed when you are using the hot butter knife method.

Step By Step Instructions

There are three primary ways for you to use to melt your Nutella. Just choose either of them. Check them out.

Method A: Heating Using Water Bath

1. Heat Water to Boiling

Put water in a kettle and heat it enough to make it boil. The hot water can even be from your thermos it does not necessarily have to be from the kettle.

2. Pour Water Into The Bowl

Take the hot water and pour it into the bowl halfway or slightly more. It ensures that the water is enough to heat the Nutella.

3. Place The Nutella Jar in The Bowl

After putting hot water into the bowl, put the Nutella jar into the bowl and ensure that it gets well heated for about 3-5 minutes.​

4. Stir The Nutella​

Stir Nutella in the jar to obtain an even consistency. Repeat stirring until you get the proper consistency you desire.​

Method B: Heating In A Microwave

When it comes to microwaving, make sure to use glass material or plastic safe microwave containers. Using either of these is because using some plastic jars is unhealthy as they could cause cancer.

1. Scoop The Nutella

Take a spoon, make a scoop of the Nutella into the bowl and make sure it is a microwave safe bowl.

2. Microwave The Nutella

Take the bowl of Nutella and put it in a microwave and allow it to heat up for 15-20 seconds

3. Stir

Stir it to obtain even out the temperature. Since heating with a microwave may not ensure even heating, stirring will make sure that there is even heat distribution. Stir repeatedly about two more times to make sure it has melted properly.

Method C: Heating With A Butter Knite

This method is a straightforward and fast method of heating Nutella. Follow the following steps:

1. Prepare Hot Tea or Coffee

Take the hot tea or coffee and pour in a cup. The hot tea or coffee is what you will use to heat your butter knife.

2. Dip Your Butter Knife in The Hot Tea or Coffee

Dipping it will heat up the butter knife which will heat up the Nutella when you are scooping to apply on your slices of bread.

Method D: Bonus Tip

On top of the three primary methods, this one is the simplest. Just take a spoon and scoop the Nutella directly and eat it! It is that simple. We all love Nutella straight from the jar I am sure.

Some Pro Tips On Melting Nutella

Here are some professional tips that will help when you are melting your Nutella: 

​Chew the World says that:

Stir in Intervals​

For you to obtain even heating of the Nutella, make sure that you stir it with your spoon or spatula in intervals of about 15 seconds.

Prevent Water and Nutella From Mixing

Make sure that your Nutella does not mix with water since it will become ‘grainy.' The grainy nature is due to the interaction of water and sugar hence the grainy feeling. Since you want it smooth, it would be best to avoid the mixing by preventing interaction with water which you will achieve by closing the container while melting.

Heat It Over Short Intervals

When melting Nutella using a microwave, it is best to do so in intervals of about 30 seconds, to ensure that you melt it to the consistency you desire and to prevent it from burning.

My King Cook says that: 

Make sure that you do not microwave the whole jar of Nutella to prevent cases of it exploding and spoiling your microwave in the process.


I surely hope that this article helps you with your breakfast situation. Okay, it does not necessarily mean Nutella is for breakfast only. You can use it on your dessert or whatever time of the day.

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