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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinet Without Sanding | Step-by-step Guide

Every room of your house requires equal attention. The pleasing appearance of an interior soothes the eyes of individuals. A twenty-four hours work schedule in the most-used room may seem to be tiring. Turn your kitchen spaces, the most understated room into the polished arena. While continuing with diverse kitchen chores, you should not lose the energy in delivering the maximum.

There are several types of equipment placed in the kitchen unit. So, how to start with? As you have heard that smart work is better than hard work,  start with the basics. When it comes to kitchen updates, know how to paint the kitchen cabinet without sanding.

Achieve the similar task of adding new kitchen decor. So, no longer leave your kitchen cabinets coated with dust and faded paints. Here, express yourself in speeding home projects in a faster way. So, tune to the needs of yourself and give a smart update.

If you are a creative person, then break the limits of taking external assistance. Next, take an attempt to follow the DIY approach and upgrade with the look of a factory finish. In your spare time, painting the kitchen cabinet is an interesting activity.. However, it is one of the effective weekend DIY options.

Methods Of How To Paint Kitchen cabinets Without Sanding?

It is difficult to settle yourself with the question of how to paint kitchen cabinet without sanding. Simplify the task with the given below instructions. In order to start what you need is the cabinet painting kit. Optimize the craftsmanship with an expert-endorsed guide.

Are you surprising yourself with the advanced techniques of home revamping? If so, promise yourself the challenging effects of kitchen cabinet painting. Yes, without adding sand, you can get the best effect.

So how to do it without adding sand to it? Here the listed steps can help to grade your confidence level.

  • Start to wash down the cabinets with a TSP substitute to remove grease, grime, and finger oils.
  • Scrubbing the cabinets with a liquid sander is important.
  • Zinsser smart prime is a tool to do the priming part and apply two thin coats of primer.
  • It is to repeat the coating for the upper cabinets and can apply two different shades.

Here comes the question: can you really paint kitchen cabinets without sanding? If your cabinets are not damaged and smooth in appearance, you don’t need to sand them and skip the steps.

How to make it done without sanding cabinets? Here, you go and follow the smart tricks. Those who will not sand before doing prime, have to use some mineral spirits and a rough sponge. It will help to clean the cabinet surface while painting.

Follow Instructions To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

So, let’s begin with the proper steps of sanding the cabinets. Even a novice applicant gets to know how to paint kitchen cabinet without sanding. Let’s check the elaborative guidelines on the interesting activity.

  • The first preference is to buy the standard commercial cabinet painting kit. If there are some older coats of paint on the existing cabinetry, you can remove these with deglosser. It is the deglosser that eliminates the need to sand and prime surfaces that are completely finished.
  • It is a necessity to remove cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and remove any bumpers.
  • After preparing the drawer of cabinets, it is essential to number each cabinet and drawer front. After this step, cleaners need to use soap and water to wipe, wash, and clean the doors. Also, it is a need to remove every greasy spot.
  • The drying time for each area has to be left for an hour. Next, it is essential to apply the bond coat to cabinet frames. After applying the final protective topcoat, the drying time spans to twelve hours.

Start With The Basics

There are many people who ask how to paint kitchen cabinet without sanding. For every beginner, it is essential to select the right primer. For balancing the homely decor shades, residents prefer to choose from dark to lighter shades. Here, most importantly, primer is the holding agent that helps to cover up old stains and dark colors. Choose the primer that is meant for use on cabinets.

Why Use Hard Textured Paints?

Be ready to spend some money to redecorate your kitchen space. A hard-working paint goes well to hold the heat and moisture in culinary spaces. Instead of using the cheaper calcium carbonate, it is better to use titanium dioxide pigment.

Also, experts suggest applying mildew-resistant paint that will not easily peel off. Next, the semi-gloss paint works best for holding enough steam.

Expenditures in paints are worth it because the paints on the cabinets are enough to absorb smells. For better results, feel free to make the cabinets look clean. Avoid the trouble of painting by using some proper cleansing agents. Get it done by using good-grease cutting soap. If the greases appear to be hardened in any form, then you can spray a mixture of water and vinegar in a bottle.


After reading the entire blog, you can get an idea of how to paint kitchen cabinet without sanding. Here, you can simply use some selective substances and bring the shine back on the cabinetry. Therefore start to follow the guidelines to remodel the pantry. Ensure the purchase of high-quality paints and coat your cabinets with your favorite paints.

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