How To Tell If Salmon Is Bad? Don’t Eat It Before Reading This!

Fish for lunch or dinner is always an appetizing option. Let’s say you’re in the mood for Salmon. But how do you know if it has gone bad? Even if you choose smoked or canned over raw salmon, you should still know how to check if it has expired since none last forever.

It’s important for you as well as for me to understand the precautions and signs which show your salmon has curdled.  You surely don’t want to spend all day on the toilet, or even worse, the hospital. So we’ve made a few points it and on how to tell if salmon is bad.

How to tell if salmon is bad


How To tell If Salmon Is Bad? Here’s The Answers

The smell

One of the first signs that something’s wrong is usually the smell. Fresh salmon has a nice, mild aroma, somewhat like the sea, while expired one smells outright disgusting. Sure you might think that being a fish, it should smell that way, but don’t be fooled.

Even if it look good and ready to eat, trust your nose. If it indeed has become inedible, it will smell something like ammonia or even a tad sour.

The physical evidence

Should you come across slimy or otherwise moldy residue, take it as a sure sign that your salmon has expired. Also watch out for sticky and milky-white residue on your salmon, especially around the gills. Speaking of which, gills should be dark red.

The best thing to do would be to thoroughly inspect the fish before cooking or eating it.  A sure evidence of freshness is if its skin springs back when you press it, but if you leave a small dent or anything similar with your finger, do not eat it.

Characteristic for salmon, white lines are present, and they help keep the freshness. If you notice that the meat separates easily when you’re handling it, it means the lines have lost their tight grip.

Be sure to pay attention to colour of the fish because it’s one of the easiest signs to find. If the colour is anything but pink, or orange, it’s time to throw the salmon away. You should also watch out for dark or white spots on the flesh. Salmon has a rich as well as a persistent colour.

how to tell if salon is fresh

Fresh Salmon

If you prefer buying a whole salmon, with its head still intact, eyes are a really good indicator of its quality. A fresh salmon will have bright eyes with a dark pupil, eyes which have not sunken into the socket. Fogginess and stains on the eyes are not a good sign because they should be transparent and clean.

If you’re buying it fresh, these cues will help you a lot but if you prefer to get it from the supermarket, it goes as a reminder that you should check the date on the package.

Now that you’ve learnt how to find out if your salmon has gone bad. You also need to know how long does cooked salmon last in the fridge. And here’s some other stuff that we think you’d also find handy.

Health Benefits of Salmon

Like all fish, salmon is considered to be extremely healthy.

First of all, it’s very helpful to eat when treating osteoarthritis and other inflammatory joint conditions. Bioactive peptides are small proteins which salmon contains. This is the main reason it helps with arthritis, but also why it increases bone density and strength.

You might be familiar with the omega 3 fats salmon contains. But do you know why it’s good for you? Those fats are actually responsible for a lot of cardiovascular benefits. When eaten more frequently, it can protect you from things like strokes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure, amongst others.

As well as omega 3 fats, salmon contains an omega 3 fatty acid DHA which helps with reducing the risk of depression. This particular acid is responsible for aiding normal functionality of the brain. Regular ingestion of salmon has been connected with reducing hostility in young adults as well as cognitive decline in the elderly.

From this we can see that it’s beneficial for all ages, but you will probably like to know the positive result it will have on your children. Eating it while you’re pregnant or while breastfeeding has been linked to the increase of learning capabilities in children, thus making them more likely to succeed in school later on.

Grilled Salmon With Thyme Lem

Grilled Salmon With Thyme Lem

If you have a preschooler, salmon is good for them because it decreases the risk of your child acquiring ADHD.

The sun is not the only source from which you can get Vitamin D. That’s right, salmon is swimming in it. One can of salmon contains enough vitamin D for the whole day. So in those winter days when you can’t have any fun outside, you might as well treat your body to a regular helping of vitamin D by eating salmon.

Ever heard of selenium? It’s a mineral present in salmon, which works as an antioxidant in the body, thus keeping the immune system working well. It’s also been associated with helping prevent cell damage and keeping tissues healthy.

We recommend eating salmon with green vegetables because they complement each other well. The vitamins B and C, and proteins mix with the antioxidants of the vegetables, guaranteeing you and your family a healthy meal.

Final Thoughts

Now you see why it’s so important to pay attention to this pinkish fish. Not only is it considered to be very healthy for your whole body, but it also tastes extremely good. Eating fresh food is important in order to relish in all the benefits it offers. If you do not check your salmon, and eat it when it should be thrown away, it’s inevitable that you will suffer the consequences.

Stomach problems are very common, but a more serious issue would be food poisoning. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, and we will try to answer them all. Hopefully you’ve learnt a handy new thing or two from this humble guide: How to tell if Salmon is bad. Enjoy your salmon, be sure to check its freshness now that you know how, and happy cooking!


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