How Tracker and forged knives performed multi-tasks?

Broad curved with a separate, straight blade attached with the long thick handle is called a tracker knife. This knife is designed to prepare for different tasks and purposes. Tracker knife was designed by Tom Brown and presented in the movie The Hunt and after it became the cover of the BLADE Magazine. The Tom Brown Tracker knife is a tool used for multi-purpose and specially designed for the serious survivalist.

Tracker knife is considered the best survival knife. After manufacturing the tracker knife, the knife sheath is introduced which is designed in many styles, colors, and accessories. This tracker knife sheath is made of 10-ounce leather.

Uses of tracker knife

Every part of the tracker knife is made to perform different tasks with ease. Like it has a carving blade, a chopping blade, a saw blade, and a pounding area. The tracker knife can cut, chop, score, notch, crave, and scrap. It can also drill wood, and bone, and can skin an animal. To use a spear can lash to a pole. It is a versatile use and the finest tool for several functions.    

Sections of tracker knife

The most famous three sections of tracker knives are described there:

The carving blade

The carving section of the tracker knife is designed for most cutting chores. It is used for perfect splitting chores. There are two methods of splitting that are useful for it, chopping split and pounded split.

The saw blade

The saw section of the tracker knife is designed to successfully cut small branches. This saw section is helpful to score the bone before breaking. The first notch of the saw in the tracker knife is deeper; it is a fence breaker.

The chopping blade

The tracker knife is designed as an axe. With a curved blade it is a powerful chopping tool.  Every type of chopping can be done with different positions to hold with a hand. The unique shape of the chopping section of the tracker knife is designed to be useful in scraping. Its curve blade is perfect for this use.

Safety rules of tracker knife

A tracker knife is a safe tool if it is used properly. It is a serious tool and performs many survival tasks. But it can be dangerous if it is not used properly. While using a tracker knife these safety rules are necessary to keep in mind.

  • At the time of removing the sheath, always use care about your fingers and hand to not place them near or around the sheath. It can be harmful to your hands and fingers to put near or around the sheath at the time of opening the tracker knife.
  • Try to keep your fingers far away from the path of the tracker knife blade at the time of cutting and chopping. Don’t try to hold the piece in your hand at the time of cutting and in the range of the path of the tracker knife.
  • Recognizing its potential can be dangerous, so after the cut, chop, slice, and scrape keep in its cover safe.

Tracker knife is a tool, like other tools treat it with care. With safety instructions, you can meet your demanding expectations with a tracker knife.

Forged knives

Forged means a solid block of metal which converts into a shape afterward. A forged knife is designed with a single bar of steel that sometimes by a machine or a trained craftsman heated and pounded into a shape. A forged knife is passing through the process of knife forging which makes its steel stronger. After the forging process, the knife’s blade becomes less flexible, and then forged knives keep for longer. You can find these durable forged knives for sale at your nearby place. 

The alternative to the forged knife is a stamped knife which is cut from a large sheet of steel. But forged knives are passed through a heat treated process that's way stronger than the stamped knife. You can easily get them because Forged knives for sale are available.

Use of forged knives

A forged knife is strong in structure and has priority in cutting hard things like squash. Its blade has less ability to bend down. Forged knives for sale are available as it has an extra layer of protection for your fingers and can stop your hand from harming the movement. Forged knives are easy to make quick work of cutting, chopping, dicing, and slicing work.

Types of forged knives

Misono UX 10

Misono can be a versatile addition to your kitchen. These lightweight Forged knives for sale can handle everything easy to cut like meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables.

Miyabi Birchwood SG2

The handle is made from Karelian birch and the blade is made of steel. You can get this forged knife which is present for sale. This is an exquisite and unique knife.

Wusthof Classic ikon

This knife is best in chop, mincing, dice, and slicing. This forged knife for sale is available which is extremely balanced due to its size and sharp blade.

Shun Classic

The shun classic is an 8-inch chef knife. It is a high-quality forged knife for sale. Its blade shape is helpful in the push forward and down in cutting food.


Dalstrong is a newly designed affordable forged knife for sale presented in different materials and textures. It is a very comfortable and functional kitchen that uses a forged knife. 

Mercer Culinary Renaissance 

This forged knife is for sale and popular for professional kitchens. This knife is balanced in cutting and provides a comfortable grip. This knife is made from carbon steel.    

If you want to buy a tracker or forged knives then you have to go White Hills knife. It manufactured high-quality knives for survival, hunting, household use and other multi-purpose tasks. After buying their knives you are surely satisfied and their unique tools completes your expectations. Their knives are affordable in price and long-lasting in use.

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