In Case You Need Them: 4 Excellent Reasons to Order Delivery

This article goes out to all the hungry readers mulling over what to have for dinner – all the on-the-go pros and busy parents who could use the night off.

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of encouragement (even if it’s from an internet stranger). It’s like when you’re shopping for clothes with a best friend, and they tell you that you need to buy that shirt, even though you’re on the fence about the purchase. Occasionally, it’s helpful to hear someone tell us that we should advocate for ourselves, that we should just do what makes us happy.

In that same spirit, here are four excellent reasons to order food and snacks to your home – just in case you need them!

It Was a Long Day, and You’re Investing in Self-Care

Pick whatever mantra works best for you: “you’re worth it,” “treat yo’ self,” “you do you,” etc.

At the end of a long day, you deserve a bit of self-care. Whether you’re an on-the-go professional turning around tight deadlines or a busy parent juggling a laundry list of chores, you need to give yourself a break occasionally. You spend your day helping others; now, it’s time to help yourself.

You’re Craving Variety

A person can’t subsist on slow-cooker meals and boxed macaroni alone. There is a whole wide world of flavours out there waiting to excite your palate. And variety isn’t just good for mental stimulation, either. Incorporating diverse macro and micro-nutrients into your diet is broadly beneficial to your physical health.

If you’re tired of the humdrum freezer meals you’ve been eating all week, seize the opportunity to shake things up. Order a Cuban sandwich, a spicy Indian curry or soul-satisfying fried chicken.

You’re Craving Something You Just Don’t Have the Skills to Make

It’s a common scenario: you have a deep craving for sushi. The only problem is, you haven’t trained for years under a Tokyo sushi master. (You must have missed that semester abroad). In those cases, it’s better to order in than to try and make the dishes from scratch.

There are several dishes that most people – barring the most intense home cooks – can’t pull off as well as the restaurant pros, like pizza, Chinese food, paella, etc. Don’t worry about over-extending your skills: follow your cravings and order delivery.

“Have You Seen the Weather Outside?”

It’s the middle of winter, and have you seen the weather outside. If your fridge is bare, and the only two options for getting dinner on the table are braving the cold or logging into a food delivery platform – go with the latter.

It’s not worth shuffling through rain and snow just to save a couple of dollars. Stay warm, be happy and enjoy the night off from cooking.

Hopefully, this article has made your decision easier. At the end of a hard day, all you need is a little self-care encouragement. Kick back, relax and let the great food come to you. s

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