Innovative Home Remodeling Ideas

If you’re looking to make changes to your home, you’re in the right place. These days, designers and homeowners are getting more experimental than ever before, and it has led to all sorts of unique and innovative remodeling ideas. While some will work with a small budget, others are more significant changes for those designing a home or willing to invest a little more. Maybe it’s a window replacement project in OKC you are looking to do, or even a full sink replacement, or perhaps a bathroom renovation, whatever your remodeling desire, we have some innovative remodeling tips for you. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

Bookcase Staircase

That’s right, why let the space under the stairs go to waste when you can transform it into bookcases? In truth, there are two ways you can introduce this idea. Firstly, you could open up the side and put shelves (boxes) going sideways with fewer boxes the higher you get. Alternatively, you might want to clear the space under the stairs completely and almost have them freestanding. From here, put small shelves at the back of each stair.

Conversation Pit To The Kitchen

Next, we’ve seen some people lower the center of the living room to create somewhat of a conversation pit. With a lowered square and sofas filling this square, you could have a few wooden steps leading back up to the main level and into the kitchen/dining area if you are on a tight budget. Although a slight change, this helps to create an intimate atmosphere when friends are over for the evening.

Baseboard Drawers

If you’re limited for space and always seem to be cluttered from ceiling to floor, why not consider baseboard drawers? Although they look like normal baseboards when closed, they pull out for more storage space whenever you need it.

Walk-In Shower

Ever get fed up with the dirty glass that covers a shower? No matter how much we wipe it down, it always seems to hold onto dirt and watermarks. Not only this, but the glass door can also be frustratingly inconvenient. With this in mind, more homeowners are starting to open their showers up and remove the door altogether, this also helps with venting the bathroom and preventing mold from building up. Even if you have a small bathroom, there could be an opportunity to introduce a walk-in shower.

Pull-Out Kitchen Cabinets

For many years, the trend in the kitchen has been moving towards built-in cabinets and all-in-one designs. Now, those with little space are seeing an opportunity to increase counter space with pull-out cabinets. Whenever you need some more room to chop the carrots, perhaps you’re cooking with a partner, just pull out the cabinet temporarily and you have an extra surface. RTA kitchen cabinets are also an option.

Two-Sided Fireplace

This one is a little harder to implement, and it also requires the right blueprint in a home, but we’ve seen two-sided fireplaces where one side is in the bathroom and the other in the bedroom. Not only does this look amazing, but you also save money by heating both rooms at once. Some living areas can separate the kitchen from the living space using this innovative approach.

Bench and Firepit

For those who like to entertain in the summer months, you might find value in a firepit and corner bench outside. Everyone will have somewhere to sit, and it saves standing awkwardly with people closed off from the conversation.

Chalkboard Refrigerator In The Kitchen

Finally, we all like to leave notes on the fridge or even attach a whiteboard for shopping lists and other reminders. Well, now you can also invest in a chalkboard refrigerator. By using something akin to chalkboard paint, you’ll be able to write in chalk and rub it off again whenever you need it. Just make sure you keep it clean and free of food and bacteria! Keeping your kitchen appliances clean will ensure a healthy and happy kitchen life.

We’re in a modern world, and there are very few restrictions with remodeling. With this in mind, it’s time to get creative and create a home that suits you and your family!

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