Is Healthy Eating Too Expensive?

Studies suggest that no more than 7% of Australians follow dietary guidelines for optimum health, which is why over 60% of adults in the country are obese. Many continue to binge on unhealthy junk food, not just because they like the taste but also because they believe healthy foods can put a dent in the wallet.

Despite a consensus around the benefits of healthier foods, people often feel there are roadblocks in the way of adopting a healthy diet. Some of it may have to do with the taste of processed and junk food items. A lot of it connects to the idea that eating healthy can be expensive and not everyone can afford to do it.

We dig deeper into this notion to bust the myths and help you make an informed decision about your eating habits. Let’s get started!

The Body Needs Nutrition

That’s right! It’s not just about calories. Our bodies need nourishment. Australian Dietary guidelines recommend balanced and nutritious meals for a long and healthy life. However, most fast-food and takeaway meals contain high amounts of saturated fats, sugar and salt. When consumed consistently in large quantities, these foods can aid in developing severe medical conditions in the body, which is why we should not make them a part of our daily dietary intake.

When it comes to alcohol, processed meats, and soft drinks, the key is moderate consumption spread over long intervals.

The Truth

Reports show that consuming healthy food can be easier on your pocket than eating junk. For instance, a research paper published in 2016 demonstrates that healthy diets can be more cost-effective than unhealthy ones in Australia.

There is also no shortage of recent studies on this matter. In 2021, the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre published a paper about a pilot study conducted on families of two adults and two children in the country. The study concludes that healthy dietary alternatives to the existing, unhealthier diets were 12% cheaper!

The Right Choice

While these reports present conclusions contrary to popular belief, it is a pleasant surprise to anyone looking to take charge of their health. No longer do you have the excuse of costs when it comes to health!

On the other hand, some of us procrastinate in switching to healthier diets simply because we find it stressful to design and follow a dietary regimen tailored to our body types. We follow generic dietary plans for all stages of workouts and pay no attention to what our bodies really want.

Customised fitness muscle meals, delivered straight to your doorstep, do not let these excuses come in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Instead of being generically healthy, custom health meals cater to your health and fitness goals, so you reach those milestones faster.

There is enough evidence in the form of surveys, research papers and reports to conclude that you can enjoy healthy eating without worrying about the costs. So, what are you waiting for? Start today, and your future self will thank you for it.

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