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Kitchen Hacks: How To Keep Your Range Cooker Perfectly

This article will help you to keep your range cooker clean by showing you tips from around the world. One thing that all range cookers have in common is the need to be cleaned, no matter what brand or type of range cooker you own, these tips will become invaluable in saving you time, money and keeping your range cooker nice and clean. We hope you enjoy reading.

The most common error is to leave a range oven or cooker dirty right after you have used it, once it’s cooled down sufficiently so as not to burn or injure you try giving it just a gentle wipe over to remove the grease or fat that has just been deposited. If you use it again without doing this then you will be applying a layer of fat or grease on top of another layer of fat or grease and these are much more time consuming to remove. So, our number one tip is to clean and wipe down the range cooker or range oven after you have used it.

In our range cooker, we use oven proof sheets of protection in every part of the range oven to protect the bottom. This stops overspill of food or liquid getting burnt into the bottom of the oven which if the protection wasn’t there would burn and produce smelly old smoke next time you used the range oven. They are cheap and so easy to install and will prolong the life of your range cooker.

A mistake I often made whilst cooking in the range cooker was to leave all the trays and level dividers in the oven whilst cooking which is a really silly thing to do as even if they are not being used then they are attracting grease and spills and smells so will need cleaning far more often than if you kept them in a storage drawer and only used them when you needed to. Why clean items that didn’t need to be used?

To make range ovens easier to clean try the following tip, it’s quick and easy and will save you hours scrubbing your oven. Fill a large clean tray with hot water and lemon juice, about the juice of just 1 lemon should do and then fire up the range cooker to about 130 degrees and leave it on for about 30 mins or so. Check to make sure it’s not too hot first though before you start to give it a cleanout. The steam from the water and lemon juice will create a nice easy to wash down surface inside the range oven and the grease should all wipe off with very little effort needed.

Different parts of the range oven or cooker require different types of cleaner to get the very best job completed in the quickest time with the least amount of effort. For the sides, roof and floor these are normally enamel so use a specialist enamel cleaning solution as you would not want to scratch or damage these surfaces. For the top of the range cooker including all the gas hobs use a cream cleanser with some hot soapy water, you should find that the vast majority of stains come off easily however if you have any burnt-on stains then the advice is simple. Clean these up as they happen, the water only burns the surface of the range cooker if it’s left to burn. Make sure if a spillage happens it’s cleaned right away as it will save you plenty of time in the long run.

All your trays and dividers just need to go in some hot soapy water for a while to soak and then get wiped over, this should remove all but stubborn dirt and grease which you may then want to treat with some chrome cleaner if it’s suitable for the trays on your range cooker.

E-cloths are a great invention for certain cleaning jobs. E- cloths or microfibre cloths have been proved to remove over 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces and you only need to use water rather than any cleaning chemicals with an e-cloth.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our article on how you can keep your range cooker or range oven clean with the main reminders being, first clean your range oven or cooker right after you have used it to stop grease going onto grease. Second, don’t keep all your trays in the range oven if you are not using them. Third, steam the inside using water and lemon juice and it’ll make it easier to wipe clean and lastly invest in a microfibre cloth.

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