Kitchen Renovation: A Guide to Help You Bring Your Vision to Reality

Everyone relates to kitchens differently. Some people love them and their mood is instantly lifted when they are making chili. For others, it is the last place they would rather be but they do enjoy the food made in it.

Given their high rate of usage, kitchens are largely subject to wear and tear. So, you may find yourself needing to bring back some appeal to yours. Or maybe you are moving into a new space and just need to make it better. 

You probably have your dream kitchen all thought out complete with Pinterest pins. To make sure your dream materializes, read on for some pointers.

If you had a dime for every beautiful kitchen design you have seen, you could buy them all. There are so many options to choose from but would they work for you? How you use your kitchen, space and the number of people that use it are crucial considerations.

Some essential needs include:

  • Sufficient storage space
  • Adequate work surfaces
  • Proper spacing of appliances
  • Safety measures

Anticipating both your functional and aesthetic needs will keep your choices on track. Think of it as a shopping list, it keeps you on budget and reminds you to buy the important stuff. Further, given as you will need a contractor and possibly an architect, do include them on your list of needs.

Structure and Design

If you intend to fully gut the kitchen or significantly change things up, it would be best to bring in an expert. On the design front, an architect would work with your design requirements to draw layouts for it. A contractor would, on the other hand, advise you on the build.

Choosing a Layout

An ideal layout is one that gels in well with the rest of the house. Granted, the renovated room will stand out but it should not conflict with other spaces. For example,  if you are expanding your kitchen, the expansion should not block off the light to adjacent rooms.

The advantage of hiring a professional is that they are knowledgeable about how to accommodate your design within the structure. It will save you from mishaps such as interfering with a load-bearing wall or beam and causing drastic damage. DIY projects can be rewarding and frugal but also very dangerous.


A structural assessment by a contractor is usually the first step of the process. Using the layout plan, they would advise you on the necessary materials, process, and length of the build. Your input is important so that they are guided to deliver your vision.

When building, expenses can easily exceed what you had planned to spend. Or maybe you are just working with a restrictive budget. You could look into doing some of the labor yourself with the contractor’s guidance. It would save you the cost of hiring a full-scale construction team.

Prioritize necessary precautions for you and your loved ones during the construction. Exposed electrical wiring and unsteady walls are just a few of the attendant dangers you may face. If you are in occupancy during the build cordoning off the area is advisable.


So, the old grouty tiles have been ripped out and the dated cabinets are gone as well. You find yourself in need of new fittings, right? It is time to go shopping. Your list would likely include: 

  • Cabinets
  • Tiles
  • Worktops 
  • Sinks

The main focus on fittings would be to find the best quality possible within your budget. Additionally, the fittings will make up part of the decor. Try and pick pieces that would complete the general appearance you hope to accomplish.

It is always advisable to buy directly from manufacturers where possible. They offer better prices and customization as well. When you buy generic hinges, for instance, you are taking a gamble; they may work with your cabinets or not. On the contrary, the precision you would get with options like RMG custom cabinet hinges is guaranteed.


Just the other day it seemed like such bliss to be able to time your casserole with an oven timer. Now, you can turn off the oven from your bedroom upstairs on your phone. Oh, the wonders of a smart kitchen!

How complex or simple you would prefer your appliances to be is entirely your prerogative.  Lately, there seems to be an appliance for every function. Be wary of being upsold on superfluous features.

Factors such as durability and warranty are worth considering. Similarly, energy efficiency is of concern lest you are later met with high electric bills. While trusted brands are often slightly more expensive, they are worth the quality and after-sale support you will get.

Decor and Aesthetics

Wooden cabinets or an abundance of white kitchen tiles make for little charm. Kitchens do not have to be clinical and boring, it is perfectly fine to get adventurous. Of course, no one size fits all, let your preferences lead you.

 Shying away from the use of color is the reason why so many kitchens have such a staid look. On the other extreme, too much color can be more reminiscent of a kindergarten than a wholesome space. One way to find balance is by using coordinated bursts of color on fabrics, cabinet handles, or tiles.

Take a chance and invite nature into your space. A kitchen garden tucked away in a corner or a living wall are both beautiful concepts. Finally, natural light accentuates decor and brings life into a room. Glass patio doors or skylights on your ceiling could easily turn your kitchen into your favorite room.


Renovations are an investment in your quality of life. The final result should transform not just the room but your experience of it as well. It would be a regrettable use of resources if it fell short of your vision.

A hands-on approach during the process is advisable. The aim is not necessarily to micromanage but to see to it that you approve of what is being built. In the end, as you make your hearty meals in the kitchen of your dreams, it will all be worth it.

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