Kitchen Wall Art Ideas

It’s never easy to decide on the best wall art options for your kitchen decor. Should you go for something large to make a statement, or try to compliment your existing colour scheme ?

There are many great kitchen wall art ideas available, here a just a few that I recommend trying….

Metal Wall Lettering.

Metal word art is all the rage at the moment and it can easily be attached to any wall without much skill needed. There are many online websites that sell these forms of wall art and they are generally not too expensive to purchase. The only thing that you really need to decide is what word or words to choose. Do you select a simple ‘Welcome’ or ‘Relax’ word and place it proudly on its own, or get more creative and make a whole quote that resonates with you and your family. You also have various colour options available and so need to figure out which colour would best suit or complement your space and colour scheme. This idea alone would be enough to add a perfect bit of interest to any bare plain wall.

Kitchen Wall Stickers.

Wall stickers are another great option for adding colour and personality to your kitchen decor, and are really simple to apply. Whether it be a funny quote, personalised family name or kitchen related design. The possibilities really are endless ! Being cheap to buy and very much more cost effective then most other options, for the budget conscious these are the way to go. To find your perfect kitchen wall sticker look no further than

Canvas Art.

As with any wall art, there are many styles and designs available when looking for a canvas. If anything, there are probably even more available when searching for these, as literally any image can be printed onto them that you wish. If done well, printed canvasses are a good budget option, but if you’re looking for something more luxury then I would go for one off painted designs by accomplished artists. They really know how to make a statement piece, but be prepared to pay for it !


Although mirrors aren’t classed as wall art as such, I felt that they needed to be added into the mix. A contemporary or modern mirror can make so much difference to a room. Not only with the styling of it, but also in how the reflection can open up a small room and make it feel so much larger and inviting. There are no real rules when it come to choosing the right mirror for your needs, unless you have a grand art deco style living room for instance. In this case you couldn’t go for a tiny ultra modern mirror, it just wouldn’t work. It would need to be large in scale compared to it’s surroundings and reflect the angular geometric styles of the period.

Framed Wall Art and Photos.

There are various ways that you could incorporate framed wall art into your overall kitchen design. Images that reflect your personality, kitchen related quotes or maybe even a beautiful framed photo wall. With a photo wall you can be really creative and a bit quirky by mixing and matching different frame styles and colours. Putting chunky wooden, leather and even transparent clip frames randomly next to each other will stop the design looking too contrived.


In the past no one would ever have imagined that kitchen splashbacks could be classed as a piece of art ! However, they have come a long way in recent times and can really make a huge difference to the aesthetic of the space surrounding your kitchen units. There are so many materials that can be used now, including acrylic, glass and even concrete ! I have even seen splashbacks that have had custom images inset into the glass which looked utterly stunning and totally unique.

I hope that these kitchen wall art ideas give you some food for thought and help a little bit in which route to take when it comes to decorating and updating your kitchen wall decor.

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