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How Long to Broil Swordfish

Cooking time for swordfish varies depending on its thickness and your desired level of doneness; generally speaking though, it should reach opaque coloration and flake easily with a fork. A meat thermometer can help determine its readiness. Set this easy, weeknight dinner apart by adding some roasted vegetables for extra texture. For an extra flavor […]

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How Long Is Summer Sausage Good For?

Summer sausage is a type of savory meat product made from pork, beef, venison, turkey or lamb and typically features ingredients like garlic, nutmeg, red pepper flakes, black pepper flakes, coriander seeds and cheese for flavor and aroma. Summer sausage’s shelf life can be reduced through improper storage and climate conditions, making this type of […]

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How To Make Hasselback Potatoes

What is the hasselback technique? If you’ve ever wanted to dress up a dish, you may have heard of the Hasselback technique. This method involves thinly slicing a dish, leaving the bottom intact. The result is a more uniform flavored dish with extra texture. This technique is especially useful for vegetables, such as zucchini. It […]

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