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What Does Squid Taste Like?

Squid is an exquisite seafood treat when prepared properly, boasting delicate flavor and meaty texture that pair well with other flavors. Squid pairs well with pasta dishes and other steamed dishes, and its tentacles and domes each offer unique tastes depending on how it was prepared. It has a delicate flavor Squid is an exquisite […]

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The Pork Butt Money Muscle

Money Muscle: the pride and joy of any pork butt. Distinguished by stripes and fatty striations that give it the look of a mini loin, this treat often serves as the crowning glory in barbecue competitions. Chefs often employ these strategies in an attempt to earn high scores in terms of both appearance and flavor, […]

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How Long Can You Keep Meat in the Freezer?

Frozen meat stored at or below zero degrees Fahrenheit is technically safe to eat as freezing inactivates microorganisms and slows enzyme activity. Over time however, certain proteins can develop freezer burn and turn into leathery texture, leading to dry and leathery textures in some portions of meat. To avoid freezer burn, rewrap your frozen proteins […]

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