Mexican Dishes You Should Try

There are lots of popular and very safe dishes you can try from Mexico, but as it is famous for having some of the best local cuisine and street food in the world, if you want to have a truly authentic and exciting experience in Mexico, there are a variety of truly daring Mexican dishes you should try.


We’re not going to go easy on you with the first option, Escamoles. Escamoles are a type of blight that effects the maguey plants, and the name Escamoles comes from the word in Nahuatl that basically means ant larvae. It is a curious thing, but Mexico seems to be adept at taking bugs and things that threaten mezcal production and turning them into a tasty treat. Escamoles have been popular in the country since the time of the Ancient Aztecs and can be bought all over Mexico City. The name and concept may not sound appealing, but they are surprisingly mild and creamy and work well inside tacos.


The name may not sound familiar, but trust us, if you know anything about Mexican culture and cuisine, especially the beloved mezcal drink, you will know something about Chinicuiles. Often, they go by their other name of gusano de maguey or mezcal worms, and if you have ever drunk that delicious elixir, and come across a worm at the bottle of your glass or bottle, that’s what Chinicuiles are. They are usually found seasoned with chili, lime and salt and served inside a warm tortilla. Again, not quite as bad as they sound. You can learn about mezcal worms here.


Many consider Chapulines to be the epitome of Mexican weirdness. They are grasshoppers and can be found everywhere. It is best to pick them up at one of the larger indoor markets or outdoor tianguis or even in Oaxaca City. They are sold either in bags or cups, depending where you buy them, and they are toasted to crisp perfection.

Plenty of chili, lime and salt is used, so there is enough seasoning and heat to make you forget all about the fact you are crunching down on a grasshopper.

Tacos de Labio, Lengua or Ojos

How about a nice taco after all the weird food we have spoken about so far? If you thought this would be a safer option, you may need to think again. There are obviously a an incredibly selection of different tacos with different fillings you can choose from in Mexico, as that is where this tasty foodstuff originates. However, if you are really looking to push the boat out quite a bit and want something a bit different, why not try either a taco de labio, tacos de lengua or a taco de ojos. Or you could live a little dangerously and try all three.

What are they? If you are not too hot on your Spanish, let’s fill in the blanks. They are tacos with lip, eye and tongue. All taken from a cos and all surprisingly tasty.

The best way to approach these would be to start with the tongue, then lip and then eye. But that’s just our opinion, we will leave it for you to decide, if you are brave enough.


Okay, so this is not an easy one to sell, if you have googled the images, it’s not the tastiest or most appetizing dish in the world. To make matters worse, huitlacoche when translated into English is ‘corn smut’. So, it’s not going to win prizes for most delicious sounding or looking dish. However, looks and names can be deceiving. What is it? It’s a pest that grows on corns of cob and infects them. Throughout Europe and in the USA, it is considered to be a pest. In Mexico, it often commands a higher price than the corn it is found on.

The best way to try it is in a quesadilla and it has a very sweet, nutty and earthy taste, not dissimilar to mushroom.

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