Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Refrigeration

Do you want to find out more about mobile refrigeration? This is something that a lot of businesses are getting on board with since it has a lot to offer. But, before you rush out and look to hire mobile refrigeration, let’s take a look at it in more detail. Here is everything you need to know.

What is Mobile Refrigeration?

First of all, let’s keep it simple and understand what mobile refrigeration is. Just as you imagine, this is a refrigeration or freezer system that is designed into a portable format. It can be moved around and often, it can be placed in different locations. This means there are mobile refrigeration options that can be used indoors and outdoors.

When it comes to mobile refrigeration, there are generally three options you should be aware of. Each of them offers different advantages. First of all, you have trailers. Just as the name suggests, this means that the trailer can be towed anywhere, offering you a refrigerator or freezer wherever you need it. Sometimes, a professional company will handle all of the towing for you to make things easier. For example, this is something that is done by Icecool Trailers. You do not have to worry about transporting the trailer to your destination, which makes everything simple and stress-free for you. If you have an event or special occasion, you can focus on getting ready for that than learning how to drive and tow.

Another option you have is a refrigeration room. This means you can walk in and it is like an extra storage area for your business. Often, this is desired by catering companies and restaurants. The third choice you have is to use a refrigeration van. This is not something that is that common for hiring and instead, you would have to purchase one.

Types of Mobile Refrigeration

There are several types of mobile refrigeration that have emerged over the years. This allows you to choose the right option for your circumstances. So, let’s take a closer look at the types of mobile refrigeration on offer.

Fridge Trailer

When it comes to affordability, one of the best options to consider is a fridge trailer. This is going to offer you more cooling space when you need it. There are going to be plenty of storage shelves and often, a trailer is plugged in on site. Alternatively, it can be powered from a portable generator if you are at an event.

Freezer Trailer

Do you need to keep items frozen? Then the best option for you is going to be a freezer trailer. Again, this is an affordable way to increase your storage capacity for temporary events or if you are going somewhere with your business. You can simply hire a freezer trailer and know that your items are going to be kept at the best temperature.

Cold Room

Sometimes, you need more storage space than a trailer can offer. Well, this is where a cold room is going to come in. This can also be referred to as a walk-in chiller and it is a place where you can store items at a cooling temperature. You are able to walk into it and view all of the items quickly on the storage shelves. You can keep a cold room indoors or outdoors, depending on your business premises.

Freezer Room

Just like a cold room, a freezer room is going to allow you to walk in and view all of the items that need to be kept frozen. There are going to be surrounding shelves you can view and it is a great way to access items quickly. Freezer rooms allow organisation and they can be used indoors or outdoors. They offer an expansion to the system you already have.

When Would You Need Mobile Refrigeration?

There are a number of scenarios where mobile refrigeration can be exactly what you need. For instance, stay you need to increase your storage space at your premises. This can be an affordable way to do it. You can add additional refrigeration and freezer systems that allow your business to grow. Additionally, mobile refrigeration can be used when you are going on the road to events, parties and other special occasions that your business is attending. You do not have to leave anything behind.

Mobile refrigeration can also be used in emergency situations. Say that you are having a problem with the refrigeration system you have. This can be an alternative that allows you to stay open and avoid waste. Mobile refrigeration is often selected when a business is undergoing renovations.

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