My Kratom Experience And What I Have Learned

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a tree that naturally grows in certain Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Different strains of Kratom are grown more successfully or originate from different countries. Interestingly enough, Kratom is actually part of the coffee tree family and has been used by natives as an herbal remedy for generations. The leaves are usually chewed or brewed into a tea and have a very distinct bitter flavor.

You can easily tell if your distributor is selling you quality Kratom because it will be bitter, not tasteless. They should also be able to tell you what strain the Kratom is and from where it originates. Most distributors are very proud of their strain. Think of it like marijuana. Each grower will have a strain that is local to their crop and provide a certain level of benefits different from other strains. If you aren’t picky or selective on your supplier then you may be buying a bag of bay leaves, good for cooking chicken parm but not alleviating your chronic pains.

How I Lifted My Mood And Helped My Depression – Most Energizing Kratom

First off, my kratom experience will be different from everyone else’s experience. Everyone experiences Kratom differently. So, you need to be specific about how you dose Kratom and what your desired effects are. Remember that at low doses all strains will be uplifting and energizing but at higher doses, the individual characteristics of the strain will become more present.

I have had lots of mental health issues over my life and have tried to deal with them in different ways. However, once I started Kratom dosage for energy I discovered a new realm of herbal remedies that gave me instant relief where prescription drugs couldn’t quite cover all of the daily symptoms. The strains that helped me the best with uplifting my mood and fighting daily depression are White vein Bali, White Maeng Da, White Borneo, Green Malay, and Green Indo. Your green and white strains of Kratom are what you what to focus on for depression and low mood.

If you need something to kick start your day then a white or green strain of Kratom will help boost your mood and elevate your senses. Think of it as a coffee shot for your soul.

How I Helped Deal With My Anxiety – Most Calming Opioid-like Kratom

Anxiety is slightly different than depression. Where depression would lower my mood, anxiety would make me almost hyperactive. This was always difficult to deal with as I felt both intensity of emotion and lack of emotion all at the same time. Again, I turned to Kratom. In my Kratom experience, I learned that white and green Kratom had too much of an analgesic or energizing effect to help with anxiety. Red Kratom was the best choice as it had the most opioid-like effect and helped calm my nerves. Any of the Red Kratom strains will be able to help with chronic pains, headaches, and anxiety. These are great for sleeping or resting overnight or on a chill weekend.

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