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Nutri Ninja 900 Watts Reviews: Should You Buy Nutri Ninja Pro BL450?

In the past, I used to buy a lot of smoothies from my favorite neighborhood café. Eventually, I realized that it is being more expensive and it dawned unto me – I can make this refreshing and healthy drink on my own. This is when I decided to invest in a countertop blender!

Going through Nutri Ninja 900 watts reviews, if you need a blender, one model that you will often see is Nutri Ninja Pro BL450. Will this be a great addition to the kitchen? What features will make this a good pick? Keep on reading and I will share with you more about this product.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Personal Blender

If you believe that buying a blender is nothing but a waste of money, you might want to think again! Consider the long-term savings from making your own drink as against to buying one outside. Also, if you want healthy smoothies, this is one thing you should have in the kitchen.

As you try to differentiate the options available in the market, the following are some of the most important things you should keep in mind:​

  • Performance: To determine the performance of the blender, look at its power or wattage. Blenders usually range from 300 to 1,000 watts.
  • Controls: There are different types of controls available in various models, such as electronic touchpad and manual dial. The important thing is that they are strategically-positioned and easy to use.
  • Capacity: If it is for personal use, a small blender will be more than enough. Generally speaking, smaller blenders are cheaper.
  • Blades: This is another thing that will be indicative of the power and performance of the blender. Stainless steel blades are preferred by many, which are known for their ability to resist rusting.

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Produced by Ninja Kitchen, the company is known for their wide array of tools that can make your lives a lot easier. They produce not only products for blending and extraction, but even for brewing and cooking, among other tasks in the kitchen.

When this product is purchased, it is already inclusive of a 900-watt motor base, which packs plenty of power for most applications. To add, it also has 12, 18, and 24-ounce containers. There are also two Sip and Seal lids, plus Ninja Pro Extractor Blades. If you are a beginner, there is no need to worry as there is a manual and recipe book.


  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Made by a reliable brand
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Can blend even ice


  • Can be noisy
  • Unable to process hot food
  • Single serve

Features and Benefits

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Among others, the 900-watt motor is one of the best things about this product. Despite the small size of this personal blender, you might be surprised to know that the motor is more than capable of handling even the most demanding applications. This makes it comparable or even better to the motor in the larger blenders.

It is also commendable because of its different cup sizes. They are available in 12, 18, and 24 ounces. You can prepare your own drink and use the container as to-go cups. There are two sip and seal lids, which means that you can drink straight from the container.

The cups are also BPA-free. This means that they are made using food-safe materials. You can be confident about your safety, knowing that there are no toxic chemicals that could get in contact with your drink.

To complement the power of the motor, this Nutri Ninja blender is also integrated with Ninja Pro Extractor Blades. They are made from premium and long-lasting materials. Most importantly, they can perform efficient blending to make sure that even large chunks of ingredients can be liquefied.

via: Amazon.com

Aside from the quality of the blades, it is also worth noting that it comes with 21,000 RPM. This technical specification simply means that it can produce a lot of rotations in a minute, guaranteeing quick blending while also making sure that the ingredients will be pulverized.

In terms of functions, one of the best about this compact personal blender is Frozen Blending. With the latter, you can be sure of its powerful performance. Even ice cubes will be crushed, as well as frozen fruits and vegetables! Thanks to the powerful motor and high-strength blades!​

The simplicity of this personal blender is also appreciated by many people. There are no buttons on the unit. All that you have to do is to put the jar in place, and once it is pushed down, the machine will automatically start working. This is also a great safety feature to prevent accidental blending.

With the lack of buttons, meanwhile, this also means that you do not have an option for programmable settings. With this, the blender is limited with what it can do. This is unlike others where there are pre-set features and functions.

If you are a beginner, there is no need to worry. Aside from the manual with comprehensive instructions on how to use the unit, there is also a recipe book. There are 30 recipes that will make it easy for you to get started in preparing healthy and delicious blended drinks.

Here is a short video that shows more about what you can expect from Nutri Ninja BL450:​

Social Proof

Going through the Nutri Ninja 900 watt reviews that are available online, I found positive feedbacks about this product. Many loved its personal size, allowing them to prepare drinks for their own consumption, minimizing waste. A lot were also impressed with its powerful motor despite its small size.


If Nutri Ninja Pro is not the one you are looking for, here are some of the alternatives you might want to take into consideration:

  • Magic Bullet NutriBullet: If budget is not an issue, this is a promising alternative. While it is more expensive, it has a more powerful motor. The biggest difference is the emulsifying blade, which is highly-effective in pulverizing ingredients.
  • Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend: This will make a great choice if you want a product that comes with a cheaper price. Compared to Nutri Ninja BL450, it comes with a single container, which can hold only 20 ounces. Also, the motor is just 250 watts.
  • KitchenAid KSB1575PK Blender: Meanwhile, if you want one that is larger, this is a promising alternative. It has a 60-ounce container, as against Nutri Ninja BL450 wherein the largest is only 24 ounces.


If a countertop blender is too big for you, Nutri Ninja BL450 can offer the perfect solution. It has a personal size, but it has a powerful motor that can easily tackle even the toughest ingredients. The 900-watt motor makes it impressive. Also, it is a good thing that it has Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blades for maximum blending performance.

Looking for more Nutri Ninja 900 watts reviews? Interested in learning about its features? Click here and discover if this is indeed the right product for you.​

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