Packaging Guide: Types of Packaging and Packaging Design for Drinking Coffee

Making an exceptional aromatic and tasty coffee inspires us to share it with the world. As a beginner in the coffee industry, we become curious about the right packaging solution for our coffee. There are several types of materials for a packaging solution that provides different features. You will discover them later in this article.

Furthermore, packaging solutions does not only limit to the material, shape, and style of the container. They also include the design of the packaging. As a beginner, one of our goals is to build brand awareness and creating an eye-catching design for the packaging is a great help.

Types of Packaging for Coffee Drinks

Coffee packaging is not only for presentation, but it also fulfills important functions like protection, transport, and storage. More so, it contains the nutritional content and manufacturing information of the product. There are different types of materials for coffee drink packaging. Let’s find out the types of material and its corresponding features.


Plastic bottles can only accommodate cold coffee. Hot coffee is not advisable in a plastic bottle as it may melt the plastic material. Consumers find plastic bottles convenient as they are lightweight and they can easily carry their go-to coffee wherever they go. More so, their transparency help consumers easily identify the beverage inside the container. 

With the improved processing and enhanced barriers of plastic bottles, they can be refillable and recycled. However,  plastic bottles have an expiration date, which means they can only ensure the required taste and consistency of the coffee for a period of time.

Metal or Can

Metal packaging has a unique property for storing beverages. You may be concerned whether stainless steel is safe for storing beverages and perishable goods. But, metal containers are now free from BPA. More so, the use of metal containers has garnered positive attributes with regards to the security, weight, and recyclability they provide. 

Since coffee is securely stored in the metal container, spills and leaks are uncommon for this type of packaging from a great packaging manufacturer. More so, the metal structure of the packaging keeps out the beverage from sunlight exposure. The metal container will contain the carbon dioxide inside and resists the ingress of oxygen. As a result, it offers a longer shelf-life to the coffee.

However, a metal container does not ensure transparency with its structure. Thus, the packaging design needs to boldly emphasize and indicate the product. It needs to catch the attention of the consumers.

More so,  customers will love coffee as the metal packaging provides a cold temperature to the drink. It will become a go-to for those who are fond of cold beverages!


Glass bottles are a classic option for beverage packaging. It may be heavier than metal and plastic packaging solutions, but glass packaging is competitive with regards to shelf life. It has a higher recyclability rate than the others as it can be refilled as it has the capacity to withstand multiple reuse cycles.

Other than that, most glass bottles are transparent. Consumers can easily identify their favorite coffee drink. Their body is a thick barrier material that can protect the beverage from the sunlight. At the same time, glass bottles are insusceptible to losing carbon dioxide, and it does not seep oxygen to provide a longer shelf life.

Some consumers opt for glass bottles with caps for their flavored iced coffees. It helps those who are beginning with their coffee product in putting emphasis on their coffee packaging. The glass bottle shape will distinguish the iced coffee, and it will showcase the product branding. More so, mouth openings on glass bottles are wide and convenient enough for the consumers to drink straight from the bottle.

Glass bottles are highly customizable. You can improve the design structure of the glass bottle to have unique branding. Shape retention is one of the key elements for brand identification and consumer innovation.

Thus, when it comes to glass packaging solutions, contact a reliable manufacturer like Roetell, you can discuss the improvements and customization you want with their team. You can visit their site for more information:  

Packaging Design

Is this your first time in the beverage and packaging solution? You need to know the importance of the coffee packaging design. In order to establish a brand, you need to create a design that fits the aesthetics of your drinking coffee.

The tone of your brand will reflect on the color, font, and design of the packaging content. It will relay a story to your consumers. More so, consumers are quick to associate colors, images, and slogans to certain brands. Thus, it is best to incorporate the brand into the packaging design.

Final Thought

Product packaging reflects the taste, tone, and message of your brand. Do you prefer metal, plastic bottles, or glass bottles? Glass bottles preserve the taste, aroma, and coldness of the coffee. Metal or can containers provide cold drinks in longer shelf-life. Meanwhile, plastic containers ensure high-quality coffee for a time period as plastic containers have an expiration date. Furthermore, all types of packaging are BPA-free. Remember the importance of product packaging as it provides brand awareness.

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