Pastel Designs For Your Kitchen Space

From all-out lemon to muted pistachio, there are several ways of using pastels in the kitchen. Allow those delicate ice-cream hues to conjure up bright thoughts while giving the inspiration to deck up your cook space in pastels.

For the uninitiated, pastels are soft and light shades that can change the entire appearance of a space. From sky blue to baby pink shades, Nelson Management Company says, homeowners are using them at a very wide scale for setting the tone of their interior décor.

Recent trends in this realm depict a shift from bright-colored walls to different shades of pastels to give rooms and spaces a refreshing and energetic vibe. The pastel color palette serves as a great background in a modern kitchen, especially shades of green and lavender.

Multiple pastel combinations can transform your kitchen completely with just a few minimal elements here and there. Looking for the best pastels designs for your kitchen area? Read on to find the details:

Kitchen Décor with Pastels

Baby blue, rosy pink, peppermint green, and lime green are color combinations that have the power to introduce a sense of appeal and liveliness into bare kitchens. If you are dealing with one such kitchen, it is time for you to give it a jolt, a heavy one indeed!

What you can do is choose storage tins, bar stools, small appliances, utensils, and other kitchen décor items in different shades of pastels.

Incorporating Pastel Blue in the Kitchen

Contrary to popular belief, the blue pastel shade works out very well in the kitchen- be it modern or an old one. You can use this shade to pop up the color of the kitchen wall. This is a comfortable pastel shade that will make meals more delicious and fun!

It also works to surround yourself with colors that have positive connotations. This will always give you a great mood. Can you imagine the magic and the relaxed feeling of walking into a kitchen only to find sunlight shining on its walls?

Yes, this is possible with the use of blue pastel shade in your kitchen. This is the ultimate pop of pastel hue that you require for starting your day with a positive outlook and fresh mind. You can even go for a coastal baby blue color. This pale tint will provide a hint of elegance to your cooking area.

Coastal-themed kitchens go well with this color!

Choose the Best Pastel Combinations in the Kitchen

Different shades of pastel have a soft and bright palette. So, you have the flexibility of choosing color blends that you think will work best in the kitchen and the remaining home décor. Now, this decision will be completely based on the tone you are looking to set in the kitchen.

You can go for some of the classiest color blends such as plum and grey-blue; light blue and steel pink; lime and black; salmon and aquamarine to offer the kitchen a structured appearance.

The ones who would like to have softer tones in the kitchen should choose darker shades of the same combinations. You can use them for the drawers and the window sills. Go with this idea, and it will help create the color pop effect most conveniently.

These color combinations will definitely help in attaining a well-balanced appearance in the kitchen.

Accentuate the Space

No, it is not necessary for you to fill the kitchen with different colorful designs for showing off its beauty. The fans of neutral tones can easily create feature walls in the kitchen with ornate plates and stunning wallpaper.

You can even use some beautiful patches of magazines and books along with the bare white kitchen interiors to create a striking appearance.

Brighten Things Up in the Kitchen!

Why match the décor of the kitchen with that of your home? It’s not necessary at all. Instead of going this way, try including a hint of the home décor on the countertop. This will be one good way of accessorizing the space while making good use at the same time.

You can even customize your kitchen countertop using bright pink or bright yellow pastels for emphasizing the space and adding a hint of color to the otherwise mundane area. Also, try matching the utensils in your kitchen to the countertop. This will set the theme of the kitchen décor and will also create the right balance of functionality and color.

Sprinkles of pastels here and there and washing dishes in the kitchen will feel like a cakewalk for you!

Blend Color and Texture

Glossy or shiny kitchen units have already caught the market for their contemporary and stylish appeal. However, mixing these units with an element of delicate pastel colors will definitely give a new lease of life to your kitchen.

Just a bit of a few different shades of pastel, and you will be successful in jazzing up the kitchen like never before. This dash of beautiful colors will give you the kitchen of your dreams.

Mix Things Up!

Do you know that pale pastel colors provide a sense of calmness and subtlety, especially when they are blended with the other low-key and quiet shades? Yes, they are instrumental in creating rejuvenating environments.

For instance, the grey pastel shade sits very well with mint and subtle white tones that do not interfere with the flow of the cooking area while giving it a touch of refinement and finesse.


When you are incorporating pastel designs in your kitchen, you must make an informed decision. And this is possible only when you work on the kitchen design in such a way that it matches with the rest of the interior décor.

Of course, pastels can set the tone of the place right, but only if you are skilled at choosing the right shades of pastel. If you want to create a summer feel kitchen, cotton candy hues would be great. They will create a bright summer kitchen for you. On the other hand, the best spring kitchens are the ones decked up in combinations of mint and peach!

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