A Perfect Blend For Your Cup of Coffee

Coffee lovers, coffee-lover wannabes or regular coffee drinkers have different ways of making their cup of coffee - the most unforgettable drink. However, getting a perfect coffee drink needs a little bit of art and enthusiasm.

You want to start your day right with a cup of coffee but just can’t get the perfect cup of it. You experienced a lot of bitter coffees, didn’t you? You don’t want to go back with that incident.

Sour coffees no more because here are helpful tips on what add-ins may suit your taste buds. Others may seem unfamiliar to you, but nevertheless trying a new mix may even boost your love of coffee.​

Chocolate Piece​

  • ​You have some extras from your fridge, a chocolate piece. In your coffee, you can add small pieces of it and let it float. Slowly it will melt and produce a mocha flavor. As it melts, the beautiful taste of cocoa and sugar will mix with your drink.
  • It may even turn like a chocolate syrup as soon as you finish your cup. Coffee with chocolate will surely make your morning so much better than you thought it would be.

Vanilla Extract​

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If you love flavored coffee so much, here’s a thing for you. Try adding some splash of vanilla or almond extract to your coffee with your creamer milk. Don’t forget to sprinkle on some of cinnamon or nutmeg powder.​


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Others prefer coffee, and others prefer tea. Now you don’t have to split your mind and try this excellent mix of brewed coffee and tea. Great, right? Also, tea has been known to be an alternative way of getting a daily caffeine fix.

Maple syrup

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To add some tons of sweetness and flavor, change your traditional way of putting sugar for a trickle of maple syrup. Syrups are a big help in producing various blends in coffee. But remember, adding in just some kinds of syrups might end up with bitter coffee.


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It may seem weird, but it is what it is, bacon! Yes, everyone has its favorite meat in the breakfast but adding it to your hot brewed coffee is another level of change. Fry the bacon and make sure it is crispy. No one wants saggy one. Get some of your crunchy meat and put it into your coffee. It adds some flavor to your delicious cup.


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Your sweet tooth just can’t get enough. Your sweet coffee drink can be a different edition. Just sprinkle some sea salt on your glass for a unique flavor contrast that may change your favorite.


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We usually put jam on our toasted bread, but here’s some exciting fact, you can also add it to your cup of coffee. Pour your coffee in a blender and your desired jam with your desired amount, gently mix them and be excited with another taste of fruity goodness.

Coconut milk

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Dairy-free alternatives to creamer milk are brought into another kind of level. By just a splash of full-fat coconut oil, you will now have your ton of richness and subtle coconut flavor coffee.

Chocolate hazelnut spread/ other flavors of spreads

If you’re too bored with the usual add-ins, here’s a special recipe for you. In a blender, pour some milk or creamer and with your desired amount of spread. Gently mix it and keep the creamer in the fridge after a week. Later, you can now use it as your especial creamer for the week.

Different people have various likes on how their coffee should taste. We always want it to be as perfect as it can be so that we can enjoy every sip of it. A cup of coffee can affect your own mood for the whole day, so if you don’t want to ruin your first day of school or first day in your job or your job interview, then try this amazing mixes to avoid sour coffee.

Later on, you may be able to discover some kinds of new blends that will make your mouth boozed with excitement for a different taste. Always learn from your experiences to have a satisfied cup of coffee every day.​

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