Plant-Based Yogurt: Everything You Need to Know

If you want to eat healthily, you should know there are all kinds of plant-based alternatives to popular foods that you might want to try. Plant-based yogurt is just one example of that.

We’ll talk today about plant-based yogurt, covering such topics as where you can get it and what some of the most notable health benefits are if you try some today.

Why Should You Try Plant-Based Yogurt?

If you’ve never heard of plant-based yogurt with protein before, now is the right time to learn about it. All humans need protein for cell growth and maintenance. Amino acids make up the protein we consume. Kids need protein to develop and grow. Teens and pregnant women need it too.

Vegan yogurt companies make with plants is an excellent protein source that does not require any animal products. Companies typically make it using protein sources such as almonds, cashews, coconuts, soy, and peas.

This type of yogurt gives companies a chance to get creative with what protein sources they can find and ways to make them taste good. The success of these yogurt options indicates that many individuals are willing to move on to non-animal foods that are just as beneficial and healthy.

Which Ones Should You Try?

There are a ton of different plant-based yogurt options on the market right now. You can locate them in your grocer’s refrigerated section in many stores, or you can order them online and get companies to ship them to you in bulk.

Most dieticians who you talk to about vegan options will recommend that you get the ones containing no added sugars. These are the healthiest ones. They might also mention getting those that have live and active cultures.

These cultures are good for your gut health. If you have a healthy gut, it makes getting sick much less likely. If you eat this type of yogurt regularly, you can maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, and you’re more likely to stay lean as well.

How Else Can You Choose a Plant-Based Yogurt Option?

You can also look at the ingredients when you pick up some plant-based yogurt from the grocer’s refrigerated section and look at it. You can identify the ones that don’t have added sugar that way, and you can also see which ones have the most protein. The companies write all of that on the label, so you can’t miss it.

You might also read some online reviews on vegan blogs and forums. There are many message boards online that vegans use to tell each other about some of the best products they can find. Vegans tend to show solidarity and help each other to maintain their lifestyle.

Why Else Should You Try Plant-Based Yogurt?

In addition to the reasons we’ve mentioned, you should also know that plant-based yogurt can provide you with fiber. The plants companies use to make it feature natural fiber sources, and you should pack as much fiber into your diet as possible.

The older you get, the more fiber you’ll want to consume. Younger people often don’t care about fiber as much, but once you reach middle age, you’ll need to get it with every meal if you can.

If you don’t get as much fiber as doctors recommend, you can develop all kinds of health problems. For instance, you won’t be able to have regular bowel movements, and you’ll find yourself straining on the toilet. You can also develop hemorrhoids, and they can be very uncomfortable or even painful.

These Yogurt Snacks Are Convenient

As if all that wasn’t enough, you should also try plant-based yogurt snacks because they are highly portable. You can pack one in your lunch and take it to work, or you can have some standing by in the fridge for when you get home from school. High school and college students who live the vegan lifestyle often keep these ready for a quick and tasty energy boost in the afternoon or morning.

If you start eating these, that also sets an excellent example for your kids. You can try some plant-based yogurt snacks and encourage your little ones to do the same. It is never too early to encourage some healthy eating habits like this one.

Taking small steps for your health is a fine idea, and this is just one way you can start to head in a healthier direction. Try some different plant-based yogurts and see which ones you like best.

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