Prepare Your Seattle, Washington Kitchen for Thanksgiving

One thing Thanksgiving is known for is the endless array of food.  Everything from green-bean casserole, turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie will grace the table of homeowners across the country.  But all that delicious food doesn’t just appear out of thin air.  It takes hours and hours to prepare and cook the perfect Thanksgiving meal.  You can make your Thanksgiving dinner much easier to prepare by organizing your kitchen before the big day arrives.  

Declutter, declutter, declutter

Sure, you can try to prepare a massive Thanksgiving feast with a small section of counter space, but why would you when you can declutter and give yourself more space?  Decluttering your kitchen won’t just give you space to cook your Thanksgiving meal, it will provide a calmer less chaotic environment in your Seattle, Washington home.  So before you set into rolling out your pie dough, get everything off your counters and out of your drawers and cabinets.  Small appliances, stacks of papers, and whatever other odds and ends may be covering space on your counters need to go. The same is true for items in your drawers, cabinets, refrigerator, and pantry.  Get rid of expired foods and/or food that you have no intention of ever eating.  Remove old baking dishes, pans, and tins.  Anything that is taking up space in your kitchen that you will never use should be removed and either donated, thrown away, or stored.  

Prep your pantry

Day to day cooking usually doesn’t require as many ingredients as Thanksgiving meal cooking requires.  Which means the spices you need for baking that perfect pumpkin pie might be hiding behind a few rows of other spices.  Rearrange your pantry so that the items you are going to need for each dish are front and center.  This will make your cooking experience more enjoyable and much more efficient.  

Make a command center

With so much happening around Thanksgiving it is easy to forget a few shopping items for the big day.  To avoid this, create a command center with a calendar, to-do list, and shopping list.  In order to avoid counter clutter you should utilize wall space with a hanging calendar, hanging notepad, or dry-erase board.  If you have smart appliances, these options may already be available to you.  For instance some brands of smart refrigerators allow you to create lists that appear on the doors.  Smart range hoods allow you to connect to your recipe online and will even read the recipe or play videos of the recipe for you to follow along with.  The smart appliances will make cooking Thanksgiving dinner much easier and are very popular among home buyers for their energy saving features.  

Double check your supplies

Your Thanksgiving tablecloth and napkins have been tucked away in the attic since last year which means they may need to be washed or freshened up before this year’s festivities.  To make Thanksgiving day less hectic, get out all of the decorations, cooking supplies, and entertaining essentials you will need.  Go through each of them and do a thorough inspection and cleaning before Thanksgiving arrives.  

While preparing the perfect Thanksgiving meal takes a lot of time and effort you can make your day much less stressful by preparing.  Organize and declutter your kitchen, clean and prepare items you need for the day, and get your entertaining areas in order.  With these things done you can spend more time with family and friends when Thanksgiving arrives.  

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