Quick Strawberry Shake

I want to come completely clean about this shake here: It was born out of extreme laziness. One morning, I was in love with my bed more than ever, and had to drag myself out of bed to make breakfast for my DH before he left the house.

Woozy and sleepy eyed, I weighed my options in the kitchen. I simply couldn’t be bothered to turn on the cooker to make oatmeal, let alone scramble up eggs and toast. I did the next best thing- I made this shake.

I’m sure you can imagine the look on my DH’s face when, as he was seated at the dining table waiting happily for his rich breakfast, I presented this cup (with the beautiful strawberry o, no less!). He was in shock!!!

Trust me now (I’m not from Warri, but last is not my position), I started ‘washing’ his head with health jargon.

Me: Honey, hmmm, you don’t even know sef. I was reading on the powerful antioxidant qualities of strawberries (struggling soooo hard to keep a straight face), and I read it’s also better to eat strawberries as breakfast, if you can.

DH: *still in shock at his “breakfast”*

Me: I even decided to make a milkshake with Coconut milk, and you know how good that is for you. In fact, I don’t know how we’ve gone this long without having this as a regular breakfast. It will really cleanse our bodies (omigosh!!! Chidinma!), and will also help build our immune system. Aren’t you tired of heavy breakfasts? I’m very sure you’ll notice the difference today.

DH: Are you serious? You really need to do more research o. Who knows what else we’re missing out on?

Me: *inward sigh of relief* Abi?

And he drank it, and left the house. Unfortunately for me, now that I’ve shared this secret with you, it will no longer work for me. You can use it though, till you get caught. LOL!

Seriously though, this shake is very filling. And it’s somewhat between a slushie and a shake, due to the fact that I used frozen strawberries.


This serves 1

1 cup of coconut milk or almond milk (I used Lite)
60g of frozen strawberries
Optional: 1 teaspoon of honey. I didn’t use any, but if your strawberries aren’t sweet, you might want to use honey.


Put everything in your blender and blend. That’s it!

Nutritional Value

Calories: 156

Protein: 2.4g
Fat: 13.5g
Carbs: 7.3g (3.0g of sugar)
Fibre: 1.4g
Cholesterol: 0.2mg

see why i feel guilty?

see why i feel guilty?


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Lovely, i will try dis one.


i just got this blog address from wivestownhall (anty eya)……………. this simple and quick breakfast tip is a must try ooo… lol


    Enjoy, just keep a straight face while you’re blowing the grammar. 🙂


Loooooooolz, @D-mama. Na wa for you. And oga didn’t even get the jist. Bet his drive to the office would have been one of satisfaction of drinking up this healthy, not-heavy breakfast. Lolz.

Seriously all these things are so so good if we can mantain it. However, I noticed you don’t talk about dates puree as sweetner instead of honey for this helthy shake.
You can make a lot of date paste, pour it a ziploc bag, seal the bag and flatten it in the bag then freeze. It will become easier to break off what you need for your shakes…thanks dear. All these make cooking so much fun!


    AT, when I used strawberries that were sour, I tried it with date paste, but the taste was off. I didn’t really like it. You can try a small batch and see if you’d like it.

    I have date paste in the fridge, but I love the idea of freezing. Hmmm, maybe I should freeze in ice cube maker, then store in a freezer bag…Thanks AT!!!

    Meanwhile, I’ve not received your recipe for showcase ooo.

Deborah Bala

Lol ur DH try no be small. My hubby will not I never drink only this for breakfast oh he may drink it then go and take bread or cookies. But will try it with a supplement like cookies. Weldone Dinma


    Deb, I didn’t know he would agree to drink only this o. I was so relieved he did.


I’m going to look for strawberries today “smiles”. I love this blog


Hahaha…..Deema Demma, i can’t stop laughing. i’ll try the shake but i dare not present the drink only to HIM, he will just enter the kitchen and find something to eat then step it down with the drink. Thanks for sharing


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