4 Wine Recipes You Can Serve All Day

Wines are healthy alcoholic drinks which existed a long time ago. Thus, many winery regions in the world have continuously exerted their efforts to deliver the best red wine labels. For instance, the Bordeaux region in France is one of the legendary vineyards that introduced red and white wines to the whole world. Each wine label undergoes intricate craftsmanship to make sure they only offer the best flavors that will suit everyone’s palate.

Many wine lovers appreciate each label of wine because of its distinct characteristics. Take note that they are made from exclusive grape varietals that undergo proper nourishment. Each bottle also contains different kinds of ingredients that blend along with grapes to honestly give out a perfect aroma. They also come in varying styles and bottling experience.

Wine is not only a delicious thirst quencher, but it can also be used for cooking different dishes. Many fine dining restaurants or even regular households are using wine as a primary ingredient to their recipes.

There are many ways where wines come as real superstars in a specific dish. In this article, we’d like to give you some of the best recipes which use wine as a primary ingredient. These recipes will bring your dining experience to a whole new level.

Fish Piccata

Fish meals are commonly served to any restaurant or household at any time of the day. Fish Piccata is an easy-to-prepare recipe that uses white and red blended wines as a primary ingredient. Bear in mind that fish and wine come perfectly since both of them can satisfy your taste buds when they go together inside your palate.

There are a few ingredients you need to fulfill this recipe. You can get a small size of fish fillets. Other required ingredients are olive oil, kosher salt, ground pepper, flour, lemon juice, capers, butter, fresh parsley and your glass of white wine. Make sure you have a complete set of ingredients to prepare this dish.

Cooking this dish is also easy. Season the fish with salt, pepper, then coat with flour. Saute the fish and cook medium-rare. Deglazed your red wine for about a minute and pour it over to the fish you’ve set aside. Drizzle lemon juice for a little zest and add some parsley as garnish.

Classic Moules Frites

Moule Frites is a sumptuous recipe you can serve for special occasions. It is another simple recipe like Fish Piccata, which only take a few minutes to prepare. You can either serve this as your main course or a snack. You can never go wrong with this dish as you and your guests can savor the red wine and meal all in one serving.

The ingredients you need to make this dish is olive oil, sliced shallots, garlic, black pepper, kosher salt, mussels which comes as perfectly pounded and cleaned, creme fraiche, minced parsley, minced chives, mustard, fries, and your bottle of white wine. You have to make sure that everything is present before cooking the dish.

All you need to do is to mix all the ingredients in a preheated pan. Make sure that you put it one by one to make sure they are blended well. Once you have everything mixed, you add the mussels, then steam and boil it. You can then add your bottle of white wine and let it simmer until the mussels come fully cooked. You can garnish it with parsley and chives. Serve this along with fries as your side dish.

The New Frose

The New Frose is a unique wine recipe you can serve anytime. This can be eaten as a dessert that uses Rose wine as the main ingredient. Take note that Rose wines are the most versatile and prettiest type of Sparkling wine ever made. You can mostly see Rose wine either serve on party celebrations or paired with dessert recipes like New Frose.

There are only a few ingredients needed to make this extraordinary wine dessert. You need to get a fully halved and hulled fresh strawberries, superfine sugar, lemon juice, a bottle of Rose wine, and a clean ice cream maker. Take note that you should get extra berries so you can also use it for garnish.

All you have to do is to pour and mix the four ingredients in the blender. Make sure they are blended perfectly to make an excellent smoothie. Once you achieve the thickness and consistency that you want for a smoothie, you can pour the mixture inside the ice cream maker. Set the machine into the coldest temperature. You can serve the ice cream using a wine glass and garnish it with your extra strawberries to make it more presentable.

Winter Sangria

The Winter Sangria is a wine recipe that lets you mix tropical fruits. It is a healthy recipe that you serve in a party or a typical dinner. It settles your thirst as the flavors of the fruits blends well with your favorite bottle of wine. You can never go wrong with this wine mix as it really soothes your palate until its last drop.

Here are some of the main ingredients you need to make this wine mix. You need pure orange juice, cinnamon stick, blood oranges, honey, tart apples, peeled pear, sweet red wine, and lime soda. The tropical fruits should come as adequately sliced, and the orange juice needs no pulp included.

Mix all the tropical fruits into a large pitcher. Make sure they properly blend so the taste comes appropriately balanced. You need to set aside this for an hour and keep inside the fridge to chill. Get it after an hour and add sweet wine along with the lime soda. Mix them well and refrigerate it for another hour. You can serve this wine mix in a glass filled with ice to keep it more refreshing.

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