Sample Ramadan Menu

Zeezy, Atinuke, and the 3 other people who emailed me concerning a Ramadan menu, here it is.

I’ve been wracking my brain o. The reason is this: whenever I join my best friend in breaking her fast, she always has more than 10 meals on the buffet. How do I beat that? Lol. After talking to her today, however, I realised that some meals are pretty much staples, and can be repeated everyday for convenience.

Sample Ramadan Menu

I’m going to give you guys a 7-day meal plan complete with the Nigerian Ramadan staples. You will find these recipes here and on Aunty Eya’s blog.

I hope I tried ooo. Pls let me know.


Akara and pap

7 Day meal plan for Ramadan

Day 1- Morning

Brown rice pudding
Banana bread muffins

Day 1- Evening

Chicken rice
Vegetable yam
Fruit salad

Day 2- Morning

Oat pancakes
Quick mango shake

Day 2 – Evening

Garlic rice and chicken
Quick salad
Yamarita (above)

Day 3- Morning

Mango cupcakes ( can be made ahead, frozen and warmed)
Huge mug of Ovaltine (lol, can you tell I love it? )

Day 3- Evening

Plantains and vegetable sauce
Lamb and couscous

Day 4- Morning

Apple oatmeal
Ginger cake

Day 4- Evening

Honey chicken and rice
Yam peppersoup

Day 5- Morning

Spanish omelette
Coconut oatmeal with date syrup

Day 5 – Evening

Quick strawberry shake
Plantains, cod, and greens
Rice and sesame chicken

Day 6- Morning

Banana bread
Ayanana milk

Day 6- Evening

Potatoes and easy bean sauce

Day 7- Morning

Pita Pockets
Carrot banana shake

Day 7- Evening

One pot pasta
Colcannon (you didn’t think I would leave it out, did you? )

I hope this helps. As the week goes by, if I find more meals at my BFF’s house, I will put up the recipes here (no step by step pictures though).

Ramadan Kareem!


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