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Fall Is Here, Stay Cozy with a Texas Olive Oil Cocktail!

You might have heard of weird and wonderful cocktails from around the world, one with exciting ingredients from far-flung corners of the earth - chili, local botanicals, strange food items such as capers - but what about cocktails made with your favorite Texas olive oil from Texas Hill Country Olive Co.? Fall cocktails are the perfect time to get warmed up for the winter ahead; they are often earthy yet vibrant - these drinks can add dimension to any occasion.

Olive Oil… In a Cocktail?

Yes, it might sound relatively crazy - however, adding a little bit of Texas olive oil to a cocktail adds dimension and oomph like nothing else. This versatile fat offers your cocktail a warm and comforting flavor while adding texture.

Depending on how you add it to your drink, it can do several different things. Using an emulsion blender, you can obtain a thick and creamy concoction, while adding it directly drizzled over the glass can add pops of flavor - this is usually best for drinks that call for an infused EVOO. Another method you can use is to prepare other ingredients with it, such as roasted tomatoes or marinaded fruit.

Subtle But Powerful

Remember, the trick to getting your cocktails perfect this fall is to use the subtle but powerful concept. Not all the ingredients that are added to your drinks have to be primary ones; no one wants to drink down glugs of Texas olive oil with a shot of gin. Instead, it is meant to be added in small but powerful amounts.

A few drops of a jalapeno-infused EVOO can go a long way. Each drop has to be carefully thought out so as not to overpower the drink. Think of the sophistication involved in making the perfect martini, two or three olives are just enough to add a final touch - any more, and it would be overkill. EVOO is the same; you should use it with the same care that chefs use with gold leaf and beluga caviar.

A Little Bit of Science

Another striking way to add additional flavor and depth to a cocktail this fall is by getting your lab coat on and getting down to making infused pearls. Agar agar is fast becoming a household name - in science labs, it is a growth medium, while in the kitchen, it is used as a jelly substitute and offers your the chance to make your own infused pearls packed with flavor and a silky texture.

Using molecular gastronomy to make these pearls, play around with the size to get the perfect little pops of flavor. Try infusing olive oil with any flavor of your choice, whether it be a little cinnamon, pumpkin spice, or even jalapenos. Mix a few complimentary flavors in for a different flair with every sip. These can be used in cocktails as you see fit.

Fancy Fall Cocktails With Texas Olive Oil

Now that you know the basics of adding Texas EVOO to your drinks, let's get straight into what you can make with this delicious everyday kitchen ingredient.

Texas Olive Oil Martini

This CLASSIC drink is the ultimate adult beverage - it is the drink that screams refined taste and utter love for the quirky. Using the fat-washing technique, you can infuse your gin with extra virgin olive oil. The flavors of the EVOO will infuse into the gin, adding a creamy mouthfeel texture that is distinct and delicious.

Another excellent way to add EVOO to this drink is to dress it with a drizzle of your favorite bottle of liquid gold; a few drops will be enough to get the perfect flavor. Get dirty and use an infused EVOO such as a blood orange for a deeper citrusy fall taste.

Tom Flip with Infused Olives

This rum-based cocktail is not made for the summer but for the fall. Its customizable flavor profile makes it versatile and delicious. The earthy tones from the EVOO will add depth, while the subtly creamy and balanced cocktail satisfies you. Marinade black cherries in a bit of blood orange-infused Texas olive oil for a flavor explosion that transports you to sidewalks filled with crunchy leaves.

Roasted Bloody Mary

Forget your go-to hangover-curing Bloody Mary - this fall version is not only tasty but also decadent and comforting. The secret to every meal is how you treat the ingredients - homemade is usually better, and this fall is no different. Using robust olive oil to roast the sweetest tomatoes delicately, you can create the perfect base flavor for your tomato juice.

Lightly roast the tomatoes, remove the skins before blending or run your juice through a sieve before adding to your cocktail; when garnishing, don’t forget to add a drizzle of jalapeno-infused EVOO instead of the traditional dash of tabasco.

Using Texas Olive Oil To Prep For Cocktails

Cocktails are all about the experience; from the very first sight, the presentation of your drink is developed to allure you - they are supposed to look great. Next to that, the first sip invites more than just taste into the equation - the scent is a large factor in how your cocktail tastes and the experience of drinking it.

Try using a robust Texas olive oil as a liquid to rim your margarita glasses with salt. Or to prepare ingredients. This will add depth of flavor and depth to the cocktail. The scent offers an earthy warmth perfect for fall.

The Take-Away

Cocktails are about creating and crafting experiences; they offer you the best opportunity to get the most out of every sip. Experimenting with new and exotic ingredients such as Texas olive oil can add more than just flavor - it can add dimension, texture, scent, and taste. It is an all-round hitter that offers the very best out of every sense and does so unabashedly. Try it out - you might be surprised and inspired to explore further into the world of adding olive oil to a cocktail.

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