Sunflower Flax Muffins

Abeg, make una no too vex for me (please, don’t get too angry with me-for my non-Nigerian readers). 6 days without a post! I should be flogged. Lol!

My mtn modem has been acting up. It has blatantly refused to connect to the internet, regardless of all the calls I’ve made to MTN customer care this week. It makes me soooooooo mad!

Sunflower Flax Muffins

Sunflower Flax Muffins

My phone hates me this week as well. Apparently, I got a virus that hid all my pictures, and I just figured out they weren’t deleted, but were still on my phone somewhere. I need to change my phone jooo, this one has tried.

I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on the Banana Muffins I made with oat flour, and HACE still enjoys them as snacks every day. I, on the other hand, am on a low carb plan, and oats are too rich incarbs for my plan. So, what’s a muffin-loving old woman to do? Use Flax!!!

Ever since I discovered flax lowers blood pressure and helps prevent breast cancer, I’ve used it in some form or another.

Flaxseeds contain phytoestrogens. The major school of thought is that phytoestrogens help to inhibit the production of estrogen, thereby regulating estrogen in Fibroid, PCOS, and Endo sufferers. See here, and here.

Making Sunflower Flax Muffins

I’ve eaten flax for the past 4 months or so, almost on a daily basis, and never going higher than 2-3 tablespoons a day, and the fibroids I took out in 2011 have not regenerated (will NEVER regenerate, God willing). My last fertility check up was a week ago.

Flax, like Chia, is very rich in Omega 3, which we know is good for male and female fertility. See here and here.

These muffins are very filling, flax being so high in fibre. I find that 1 muffin with my cup of green tea will take me to 1pm, comfortably. I added sunflower seeds, for an extra punch.

I’ll tell you more about the benefits of sunflower seeds in another post. I’m sure I’ve bored you too much with the benefits of Flaxseeds in this post.

Tip: store ground flax in the freezer, prevents it going rancid.

Sunflower Flax Muffins

Ingredients (This serves 12)

  • 1 cup of ground flax
  • 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds
  • 1/4 cup of coconut oil
  • Pinch of baking soda
  • Pinch of baking powder
  • 1/8 cup of sugar free syrup
  • 1 tablespoon of erythritol (one of the safest sweeteners, very good for diabetics) OR 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 3 tablespoons of water (use 2 if you’re using honey)
  • Pinch of salt


Preheat oven to 350.

Toast the sunflower seeds in a dry non stick pan for 3 minutes over medium heat.

Mix all other ingredients in a bowl. Fold the sunflower seeds into the batter. Pour into muffin cups and bake for 15 minutes.


Loooove my new muffin cups, by the way. They bake evenly and everything comes out cleanly, no greasing involved! Minimal cleanup required. Love!


Hi, my name is Chidinma. I’ve been happily married for 4+ years (actually almost 6 years now), and my husband and I have been trying to have our own children for almost all the time we’ve been married, with no success…yet. We haven’t lost hope (far from it), and we believe it will happen very soon.

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muma - March 23, 2016

Deema, pls where did you get ur sunflower seed and flaxseed, i have being searching for it.
Nice for breAkfast .

chio - March 25, 2016

Hello, please where do you source erythritol, i am diabetic and would really appreciate it. i live in lagos. Wishing you all the best.

    Chidinma - March 26, 2016

    Hello Chio, please email Rose at fitrosieo@gmail.com for erythritol. Can I email you re the diabetes? Is that your email address?

      grace - April 9, 2017

      Good evening,

      please where else cam i get erythritol in lagos apart from the email above?

      thank you

chio - March 26, 2016

Yes, this is my email address. Thank you.

Twingirls - March 27, 2016

Can’t wait to try my hands on this, but…. where do I get sunflower seed?

    Chidinma - March 28, 2016

    Twinnie, you can use almonds, or pumpkin seeds.

Eno - May 22, 2016

Hi,just visited ur blog for d first time. Sorry,it seems dat most of your ingredients seems a little bit strange to d average Nigerian wife especially for those of us who arer not living in d mega cities of Nigeria. Pls,can u come down 2 our level so dat we could eat right? Would really appreciate it.*winks,we no go school,we no know book*

    Chidinma - May 22, 2016

    Lol, Eno. Hello, and thank you for visiting. Some of the ingredients I use can only be found in the big cities, true, but I can suggest a substitute for most. If you mean the flax though, there’s really no substitute.
    Just ask me for a substitute that might be easy for you to find.

      Eno - May 23, 2016

      Tnks,I would always call upon u when I need a substitute for all dis ur ‘oyibo’ ingredients. In d meantime, I appreciate d fact dat u are not one of those people who hoard knowledge,but u are ready 2 share with others wat u know. Sorry 4 being nosey,but pls,can I get ur email address.


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