The Gift of the Knife and the Customary Coin

Have you ever heard of a tradition of giving a coin to the person who has gifted you a knife? Why is this an important tradition? Where did this tradition even begin? In the following article, we will talk all about this.

The symbolism of the knife

Knives have had a place of importance in human society and have been a symbol of our capacity to overcome the perils and challenges of our environment. They are considered tools, weapons, and even valuable treasures. In times past, those who owned a blade were people of important titles and had power over others — for example, the head of the family.

Can a knife be the perfect gift?

It can be difficult to find a good gift for a family member or a friend, especially someone who seems to already have everything they need. This can be a puzzling situation. You want to come up with something useful and something that will be appreciated and provoke fond memories when used. It would be even better if the gift was affordable and beautiful as well.

So, let’s take a look at the kitchen knife.

The kitchen knife or any other type of knife for that matter is a thing of beauty that makes a great gift for just about any occasion. Knives or sets of knives can be custom engraved, have a unique set of handles, or otherwise perfectly selected for the user. The Chef knife set will fit the use of every type of person: outdoor enthusiasts, culinary aficionados, and DIY types too.

Then, a knife makes a great gift for any occasion, including birthday parties, promotions, weddings, anniversaries, and anything else. But before you give a knife as a gift to someone, you should know that the gift of a knife can also be considered bad luck.

Don’t forget, that knives are symbolic of power.

Why would giving somebody a knife cause bad luck?

Traditionally, a powerful object is not supposed to be given as a gift. On one side of the gifting, the giver is parting with an object of power, and on the other side, the action of gifting a blade severs the ties between the gift giver and the recipient. This bond could be friendship, brotherly love, or even a romantic relationship. In this regard, giving a knife as a gift is the same as choosing to separate yourself from this person.

The symbolism of the coin

The coin is symbolic as well. It is a small metal object that is there to ward off any bad luck associated with the gift. It can be as simple as a couple of pennies. The most important thing is that it is considered an exchange, rather than a gift. This means that the body between the two people is not cut, and no power was given without fair compensation.

Whether you are the superstitious sort or not, we advise that you keep up with this tradition and always offer a coin in exchange for a knife that was given to you as a gift.

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