The Many Different Kinds of Burgers You’ll Find at McDonald’s

Despite being a multinational brand that brings American cuisine to various parts of the globe, McDonald’s found that it’s crucial for them to appeal to the local palate as well. It’s the best way to charm the local market and will help them promise customers a more enjoyable dining experience.

There are tons of unique menu items that McDonald’s added to their regional menus and it’s a very fascinating thing to look into. However, the range of burgers they offer is also very interesting to know more about. Their differences are very notable and if you’re a traveler, you might even want to try to sample as much as you can.

So what are the different kinds of McDonald’s burgers that you can get around the globe? Here are a few of our favorite picks. If interested, you can also view prices of McDonald’s meals to see how they differ based on different countries.

The Signature Guacamole Burger

McDonald’s did not miss the avocado trend and offered quite a number of avocado-based items in the countries where the said fruit is easily available. Mexico’s Signature Guacamole burger is just one example of this. There are other variations in other Latin American and Asian countries as well.

The McNifica

Starting our list with a bang is the McNifica. This burger will blow all of the Mcburgers out of the water because it features grilled Argentinian Angus beef. It’s so posh that it might make you feel like you’re not dining at a fastfood joint.

The Kofteburger

Offered in Turkey, the Kofteburger is McDonald’s adaptation of the local meatball dish known as the Kofte. They used the Kofte recipe to make their patties so the ground beef is enriched with spices, onions, garlic, and other ingredients. Boosting its flavorful appeal is its special parsley-topped toasted bun and yogurt sauce.

The Cheesy Eggdesal

Available in the Philippines, the Cheesy Eggdesal is a cheese and egg burger sandwich that is a part of their breakfast menu. It sounds simple but it features the local favorite pan de sal which is a soft and airy bread roll commonly eaten for breakfast in the country.

The Shrimp Burgers

McDonald’s has a few versions of burgers that feature shrimp as a patty. The most popular and coveted is the Ebi Fillet-O which is available in Japan and a few other parts of Asia. It’s an original Japanese recipe and features a shrimp patty, sesame bun, and lettuce. It also comes with a spicy sauce to further boost its flavor.

The other is the Shrimp Beed Burger which is McDonald’s version of Surf n’ Turf. It comes with a shrimp patty, a beef patty, tomato, lettuce, and special sauce. You can find this burger in McDonald’s Korea.

The McKroket

Hailed as one of the most interesting burger varieties at McDonald’s, the McKroket is often described as a beef stew burger. It doesn’t look like that at first glance but inside the crispy patty is hot, salty beef broth. The patty is McDonald’s version of the Dutch kroket which is a deep-fried crispy snack that features cheese, beef, onions, and herbs.

The McRice Burger

Another Asian special is the McRice burger. Instead of using bread for the bun, this burger uses rice, making it quite unique and more delectable to the local market. It’s available in chicken, beef, or fish fillet varieties.

Curiously enough, while rice burgers really originated in Japan, these burgers were made available in other parts of Asia like Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The NYC Benedict Bagel

Aside from local delicacies, McDonald’s also likes to bring in American dishes to their overseas stores from time to time. They’re an American empire anyway, so why not. The NYC Benedict Bagel is an example of this as it features slices of cheese, an egg, some bacon, and Hollandaise sauce on a bagel.

You’d think you can get it in NYC as the name suggests but that’s not the case. It’s actually available in New Zealand.

The Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder

Remember that time when Flaming Hot Doritos were added to a lot of fastfood menu items back in the day? McDonald’s in Mexico did the same thing and offered the Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder and it’s as delectable and scary as it sounds, depending on your preference for such trendy dishes. You’ll be more intimidated once you see the thing because it’s massive. It’s crunchy, juicy, savory, and filling, making it the perfect meal for a lot of people.

Veggie Burgers

Plant-based burgers are not exactly novel ideas anymore since almost every burger chain is already offering one but McDonald’s tends to be ahead of the curve abroad. In 2012, their Indian operations are already 50% vegetarian with the McAloo Tikki burger being one of their first plant-based burgers. Instead of beef, their patty is potato-based, crispy, and spicy – perfect for the local palate.

The McVeggie, offered in Italy, is another great concept. Its patty is made with cheese, broccoli, spinach, carrots, corn, and peas but it doesn’t taste like vegetables at all.

Taking things up a notch is their McVegan which is available in Finland. Its patty is made from soybean steak and its sauce from pickles, lettuce, and tomato.

Exciting, right? So if you’re traveling abroad, don’t hesitate and sample the offerings of the local McDonald’s. You might find yourself surprised by what they have in store.

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