The Most Festive Holiday Smoothies Your Guests will Surely Love

If you are having a Christmas party and want to serve something that’s out of the ordinary, then you could definitely choose to serve some delightful (and healthy!) smoothies. This would also be a brilliant idea for those running a café, bistro, or restaurant, and you’d like to serve some holiday smoothies to your guests who would like a healthier alternative to a Christmas cocktail! There are a lot of ideas for Christmas smoothies, and we are giving you the most festive smoothies that your guests will surely love – from cranberry yoghurt smoothies to peppermint smoothies and more.

A smooth and delightful cranberry yoghurt smoothie

You only need a few key ingredients for this delightful beverage, and your guests will be amazed! All you need is a cup of frozen cranberries, coconut milk, vanilla yoghurt, and one and a half teaspoons of vanilla bean paste. Simply mix the ingredients in a mixer and make sure all the ingredients blend smoothly until the combination is creamy and thick. If you want, you can make other variations of this with a mixture of berries and frozen fruits such as mango and banana. If you want to ensure you have the main ingredients you need and would not run out, you can rely on a supplier such as  EE & Brian Smith (for a good look at the fruits they supply, click here).

A rich and luxurious peppermint smoothie

If you want something that really exudes holiday cheer, you certainly can’t go wrong with a rich and luxurious peppermint smoothie! For this, the ingredients are also simple: all you need is a cup of almond milk, a cup of vanilla yoghurt, a tablespoon of almond butter (or regular butter will do), mint leaves, two teaspoons of ground cinnamon, and some peppermint extract. Combine the ingredients in a mixer and try the peppermint if it suits the taste. Add more peppermint extract if necessary.

A soothing ginger smoothie

Now, this is not only refreshing – it’s got some healing powers, too! We all know, for instance, that ginger is great for coughs and colds and has anti-inflammatory properties. But when you use it for your smoothie, it is better to use the root (and avoid the powdered version). You can make your version of a ginger smoothie with blueberries and combine half a cup of frozen blueberries with a banana, one and a half cups of almond milk (or any other kind of milk), and a half-inch to 1cm of fresh ginger. Blitz it all together until smooth.

A delicious – and guilt-free! – eggnog smoothie

Here’s another drink that is a must come Christmastime, and it’s a perfect drink if you are trying to stay healthy and would like to detoxify your body this holiday season naturally! To make your guilt-free version of eggnog (which is no less delicious), you can make a coconut nog or an almond nog. For the coconut nog, combine one and a half cups of coconut milk and two bananas, a cup of vanilla yoghurt, half a teaspoon of nutmeg, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and maple syrup. To make the almond nog, substitute two cups of almond milk with the coconut milk, and retain the same ingredients. Lastly, enjoy!

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