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The Most Practical Kitchen Gadgets To 3D Print At Home

After claiming possession of your kitchen, have you ever thought about the outstanding nature of the gadgets that make up the kitchen? These might be of your favorite color or from your favorite brand. of However, how about if you make these gadgets all by yourself? Wouldn’t that add a little more personalization to your space inched with uniqueness? Yeah, we thought so. 

The 3D printing technology lets you bring more versatility to your kitchen than otherwise. This is so because it allows you to manufacture many types of kitchen gadgets. Which are those gadgets? What are their functions in your kitchen? Those are the two questions, answers to which you can find out during the course of reading this article.

1) Citrus Juicer

When your health condition demands you drink juices of orange, lemons, and limes, you bring home the Citrus Juicer made from its 3D design available on Thingiverse. Even if your health conditions do not pressure you to drink juices of the above-mentioned fruits; it doesn’t take an Einstein to tell you that having them is healthy, does it? So, download the 3D design file of this Citrus Juicer, and after getting it printed, make your mornings a little juicier with a lesser effort.

2) Chopsticks Helper

Managing chopsticks enough to eat with them is like winning a war! Haven’t you too tried learning it from a friend who knows how to eat with chopsticks and failed hilariously? The 3D design file of Chopsticks little helper from Pinshape will prepare you to eat your favorite cuisines in the exact way you desire! After you completely master the art with a helper, you’d also get the confidence of managing without it. And then you can easily eat food with chopsticks. All thanks to 3D printing!

3) Toast Extractor

We’d never admit the fact that no matter how sensitive or insensitive we are when it comes to removing toasted bread from a toaster, we do it using bare hands! And frankly, there aren’t many gadget options in the market for serving a toasted-bread on your plate. That’s why the 3D design file of toast extractor from Thingiverse is print-worthy. The maker of this design file endorses printing this toast extractor by keeping the following settings:

1) A 0.2 mm layer resolution.

2) Using a minimum of 4 shells.

3) Keeping a 60 percent infill.

4) And do not use any support.

4) Customizable Measuring Spoons

You don’t realize how accurate measurements everyday cooking requires until you are explaining a recipe to someone. Remember the last time you had, “I fail to recall how many spoons of salt I took that day” at the back of your head when asked, “How many spoons of salt should I add?” Don’t you think your everyday recipes should also have an accurate measurement of whether it’s one-fourth of a spoon or one half? And for helping you out, do your job precisely is the 3D design of customizable measuring spoons on Thingiverse. The most common sizes are one eight, one fourth, one half, and one tbsp.

5) Customizable Magnetic Jar

Kitchens and Jars are like Santa and Banta. To not imagine them together is committing some sort of blasphemous act! Although the maker of the 3D design file of this customizable magnetic jar admits how they were meant to allow you to fill them with your favorite spice, the utilization of these jars can also be in the form of a pepper/salt shaker. You can download the file from Thingiverse. And while printing, take care to print a single layer at a high temperature i.e. about 270 degrees Celsius, to get a clear window.

6) Mug

Ideally, one of the only things that every individual uses from the start of their lives till the end is a Mug. And arguably, the first thing that anyone would want to see after waking up is a Mug full of his or her favorite drink! But wouldn’t the fun of drinking your favorite drink in a mug get a commendable spike if it were a mug 3D printed by yourself? The 3D design file of Second Life Mug from Thingiverse grants you the extra fun of having a Mug manufactured by yourself in your kitchen.

7) Bag clip

You do not even need to confess your love for eating half or a quarter amount of snack from the snack packet and then wondering what to do with the remaining one? Simply because the chances to find a home where anyone does not have such a habit are approximately as low as the chances of finding someone who dislikes eating chocolate. So, use a bag clip that’ll let you pause easily while eating a snack. On the other hand, it’ll also let you start easily after a break. And also provide you the sheer convenience of traveling with your unfinished snack-pack. For printing the bag clip available on Thingiverse, you first need to download its 3D design file.

The Conclusion

First things first: after you have managed to download the file, do not think that the work is over. Understanding the process of 3D printing a part or functional prototypes can be cleared-out after reading three easy steps that are: a) Obtaining a 3D design file of the object you wish to 3D print. b) Slicing that file. c) Uploading it on your 3D printer or to a 3D printing service provider.

So, no matter which one of these or all of these kitchen gadgets you wish to 3D print, you would have to go through this process. But at the end of it, you’d have at your home a kitchen gadget that is completely yours and not so standard. At the least, it’ll be more unique than the company made products that you see in every kitchen. And if you can manage to buy a 3D printer and learn to print objects on your own, nothing like that. Doing so would permit you to customize not only kitchen gadgets but just anything that you can imagine!


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