The Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Candy

The inexplicable joy of opening the wrapper of a candy can genuinely lift spirits – be it simply refined sugar with added flavours or rich and creamy chocolate. Very few people would want to pass up on this pleasure, although countless opinions exist about the ill effects of candies on our health. But, for a change, here’s a list of some surprising benefits of eating candy that you can hardly ignore.


Promotes a long life


Excessive intake of refined sugar can cause health complications. But, a Harvard University study found that mortality was the lowest among men who consumed candy 1-3 times a month, high for those who indulged 3+ times a week, but surprisingly, the highest mortality was among those who didn’t have a sweet tooth at all. This implies that if you can control your taste buds and treat yourself to a couple of candies a month, you may live longer than if you had abstained from consuming candy. 


Prevents certain diseases


Dark chocolate contains more than 35% cocoa, very less sweeteners and has a bittersweet taste. Consumption of dark chocolate was found to reduce the risks of coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Cocoa is naturally high in phenolic antioxidants that directly affect insulin resistance in the human body besides regulating oxidising enzymes, thus reducing the chances of heart diseases.


Chewing gum can lift your chin


Surprising but true, chewing chewy candies and gums will give your facial muscles some much-needed exercise and make your jawline look and feel strong. Not proud of the double chin? Chewing gum will tone and tighten the muscles you use while chewing, thus effectively lifting your chin. 


Improves cognitive function


Moderate consumption of chocolates can reduce the risk of age-induced cognitive decline by about 40%. Flavonoids present in cocoa help enhance brain function and improve memory, thus helping in preventing degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Lift your mood with chocolate


report published in ABC News concluded that endorphins and opioids in chocolate can lift moods, make people feel more relaxed, and reduce anxiety in depression-prone individuals. Phenyl ethylamine – a neuromodulator present in cocoa, is responsible for mood regulation. 

Lowers stress and increases focus

Would you have imagined that the repetitive action of chewing gums can trigger brain responses to handle stress factors better? So, chomp down all the stressors in life and be gleeful about it.


If feeling disoriented after working for long hours on your assignments, chew some gum to help release serotonin in the body. It will help you focus better on the job at hand. A pop of sugary candy can give you the much-needed energy boost to tide you through the afternoon slump.


Walk down to the neighbourhood departmental store or visit an online lolly shop such as The Lolli Shop to stock up on sugary candies. But, make sure not to give in to your temptation of popping candies into your mouth daily. Life is indeed sweet and long if you practice moderation. Do you agree?

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