Three Common Home Filtration Systems For Clean And Pure Water

Water quality is most important for healthy homes, which include potable water as well as water used for cleaning and other purposes. To have clean and pure drinking water at home, you must install some water filtration unit to remove the traces of chemicals present in tap water that comes from the purification process adopted by the local bodies to keep water free from contaminants and bacteria and make it fit for drinking.

Since some of these chemicals might not be good for health, you would like to filter the water before drinking. Knowing the options for water filtration at home should help to select a filtration system that meets your requirements.

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Carbon black water filters

You can install a carbon black filtration system which comprises of a small cylindrical like a unit that can sit comfortably near the sink on the countertop.  Carbon is perhaps the best material for water filtration that is used in most of the filtration systems, including UV filtration systems because it is the safe and natural way to filter water.

Carbon filters are effective in removing contaminants from water that give it bad taste. However, it does not remove fluoride, and if that is your concern, you must look for some other system. You must keep filling up the container of the filtration unit at some interval depending on the size and model of the unit to maintain a continuous supply of filtered water.

Pitcher and faucet filtration systems

This is perhaps the cheapest and most common type of home water filtration systems. It uses charcoal to purify tap water. Depending on the model you may either have to refill the pitcher periodically or in some models you can affix a simple faucet attachment.

However, the system has limited capabilities of removing contaminants and chemicals from the water, but it can reduce the amount of chlorine in water and improve the taste. Although this is a pocket-friendly system, you must bear the recurring cost of changing filters after some time that continues as long as you use the system.

Reverse Osmosis filtration system

Reverse Osmosis filtration systems are a more effective and permanent solution for water filtration at homes. Osmosis is a natural process, but reverse osmosis is a forced process that requires a pump and a tank usually situated under the sink to reverse the effects of natural osmosis.

The process uses a membrane through which the water passes and leaves behind the contaminants while coming out from the other side. The system can remove 99% of bacteria, pollutants, and salt present in water, but there are chances of removing some vital minerals too that the body needs. The system might use multiple filters to remove other impurities.

The low maintenance system produces water that is good to taste and free from contaminants and other impurities, thereby making it completely safe for drinking.

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