Tips To Find Best Commercial Rice Cooker

Rice cookers come in a lot of variety. You can look for these features when buying a commercial rice cooker. They have a large capacity compared to the ones for home use. They are bigger in size and can cook at least 20 cups of rice. They are easy to use and versatile cookers. There are commercial rice cookers available that come with 60 cups capacity. You can find electric as well as gas cookers. Electric cookers are the most convenient to use.

1. Simple operation

There are many models that come with digital controls and easy operations. Choose one that is simple to use and easy to understand. It must also be easy to clean. Some rice cookers come with removable parts such as the lid and bowl that make cleaning easy.

Automatic turn off buttons is good enough for you to get use of it hassle-free. With these features monitoring, rice becomes easy and there is no chance of burning the food being cooked in it.

2. Cooks all kinds of foods

Commercial rice cookers are available that not only cook rice but also a variety of foods such as meat, poultry, etc. Cookers with fuzzy logic are available that let you cook all kinds of foods and come with programmable options.

Cooking using various methods such as sautéing, simmering, and other types of cooking are available in a few rice cooker models. They retain flavors and nutrients of cookers. They are pretty straightforward to use and can also be used by beginners.

3. All types of rice

It is good to buy a cooker that cooks all types of rice. Slow cooking, as well as other methods of cooking rice, becomes easy when you buy this type of cooker. You can cook delicious rice recipes with scrumptious flavors when you buy a cooker with this feature.

Rice cookers that have a better temperature control and heat management systems are the best to use. Using them makes cooking and preparation of food stress-free.

4. Affordable

You can find commercial rice cookers that come in various capacities at an affordable price and discounted rates. They are sturdily built and are heat resistant.

They do not get hot on the outside no matter how many hours you cook food in it. Choose a design that is built-in excellent material and is defect-free. You can find a wide range of commercial cookers in a wider variety.

5. Colors and material

They are available in steel and aluminum material. A variety of design and color options are also available. Enjoy cooking porridge, stew, veggies, meat, and a variety of dishes in these cookers that are also available in beautiful designs.

You can also find dual cookers for cooking meals as well as boiling milk. Silver and white is the most common color you will find in this type of cooker.

The interior, as well as the exterior, should be built with sturdy material. Industrial cookers come with a better speed of cooking. You can cook quality food and rice using these cookers.

6. Automatic options

It comes with a trigger button, handle, and the double wall that provides thermal resistance. The commercial electric cookers come with insulation that keeps the food warm and heat evenly.

You can also find many upscale and smarter varieties of commercial rice cookers. Measuring cup and paddle are usually shipped with a commercial rice cooker.

7. One-touch functions

You can look for these features which make using the appliance easy. It is easy to cook all kinds of dishes with this feature.

You can manage cooking a variety of dishes in this cooker that comes with programmable options. You will not get burns or injuries when you touch the exterior of the cooker while food is being cooked inside.

8. Steaming

A few rice cookers come with steaming options as well. You can get the exact heat needed for steaming vegetables and cooking other dishes using this method.

Steam baskets or trays are available with the cooker to make cooking in this method possible. This is a good feature to look at as it makes cooking highly flexible.

9. Settings

You can cook rice in various textures when the rice cooker has texture settings. You can cook rice that is soft, firm, or fluffy with these settings. You can cook any rice dish quickly in any texture of your choice choosing these settings.

A few rice cookers also come with a quick cook option that lets you cook any dish in less time than it takes in a traditional cooker.


These are the features to look for in a commercial cooker that lets you cook a variety of rice as well as other dishes. Choose a rice cooker that has all these features to cook food using different methods. It is safe and easy to use as well as easy to clean and maintain.

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