Top 10 Weight Loss Machines You Should Try Out

When you ponder over the problem of weight, the 1st thing which will come across your mind is to hit the gym. With that being said, there are numerous workout options and machines available at the gym. Owing to this very reason, it is important to decide the best fitness equipment for weight loss.

Among the many different machines as well as the type of workouts, you have to pick the best one and focus on those. We have made this task easier for you and will share below the top 10 weight loss machines which you should definitely try out.

1. Treadmill:

A treadmill is a no-brainer when you want to burn the calories. It is one of the most efficient and easiest forms of cardio exercise. It is also versatile as you can change the speed as per your requirement to either walk or run.
The machine in itself is pretty easy to use which ensures that there is no learning curve involved at all. You have to, however, take it slow and increase the speed gradually when you are using a treadmill in your daily workout. You have to let your body gets accustomed to the persistent speed before going into the next level.

2. Cross Trainer:

The best thing about the cross trainer is that it helps you focus on your entire body rather than just the upper or the lower half. This ensures that in a limited amount of time, you are able to work on a majority of the muscles in your body.
The cross trainers do not lead to any injury or sprain either. This ensures that you are able to slowly increase the intensity as well as the duration of your exercise using the cross trainer. This will help you in toning down your entire body. Owing to all of these factors combined, it is one of the best machines which you can use for losing weight.

3. Vibration Exercise Machine:

The vibration exercise machine has been specifically introduced in many gyms all over the world to aid with weight loss. The principle is to transmit extra energy to your body through vibrations. This extra energy causes your muscles to contract and relax multiple times each and every second.
The contraction and relaxation of the muscles mimic an actual physical activity. As a result, you end up burning calories and removing the cellulite from the body.

4. Stationary Bicycle:

The stationary bicycle is a no-brainer when you want to lose weight. It provides you all the benefits of cycling outside within the confines of your gym. It helps you in concentrating on a significant number of muscles in your body.
Moreover, most of the stationary bicycles occupy very little space in the gym which ensures that most of the gyms house multiple such bicycles. Considering the fact that they help you in targeting the stubborn muscles in the legs as well as the lower half of the body, a stationary bike for tall person is a must when you want to lose weight.

5. Rowing Machine:

The rowing machine is pretty versatile gym equipment. It can help you in not only losing weight but also improving your cardiovascular function. It also increases your stamina when you use it regularly over a period of time. The main advantage of this machine is that it provides all of these benefits without putting any added pressure on your neck or back.

A single 60-minute session using the rowing machine can help you in burning up to 850 cals.[1] This ensures that even if you use the rowing machine only 3 to 4 times you will be able to lose up to 1 lb. of fat each and every week. You have to just ensure that you are controlling your diet in the meantime and avoid fatty foodstuffs.

6. Step Mill:

The step Mill is akin to a fast-moving accelerator. It helps you make the movement of climbing stairs at a faster pace. It is one of the most difficult machines to use in your cardio workout.
Nevertheless, it is quite beneficial as well. You will not only be lifting your body weight but also against the force of gravity. This ensures that there is a proper strain on your muscles as well. It will help you in burning off the extra fat from the lower half of your body quite easily.
Pro Tip:
You have to increase the intensity of this exercise gradually once you get more accustomed to using the machine.

7. Inversion Table:

An inversion table can be used in a wide variety of ways. The normal inversion therapy involves increasing the blood flow throughout the body. However, the inversion table can help you in losing weight as well.
When you’re inverted, you can easily perform various exercises like crunches as well as sit-ups. This will help you in burning the calories as you will be working against the forces of gravity and the tension on the respective muscles will be much higher since you are inverted. The increased intensity helps you in losing weight quicker when you’re using the inversion table.
Pro Tip:
You have to master the usual exercises like sit-ups and crunches before performing them on the inversion table.

8. Ab Roller Machine:

The Ab Roller machine helps you in putting pressure on the core in order to lose fat. This is one of the main reasons why it is so effective. It is pretty simple to use but when you try it out, it is certainly not easy.
You have to put your hands on either side of the abs roller and get on your knees and stretch your body by moving the roller forward. The best thing about this exercise is that you can move your body for it to the extent to which you are comfortable initially before rolling back towards the knees. You can slowly increase this distance.
The stretching and compression of your core muscles ensure that you are able to directly attack the fat which is deposited around your stomach area. This helps you in losing weight at a faster pace. The actual repetitions will always be dependent on your body limit.

9. Elliptical Trainer:

The elliptical trainer can help you in burning up to 13 cals per minute. The advantage of the elliptical trainer is that it does not put excessive pressure on your knee joints. Thus, you can easily extend your workout on the elliptical trainer in order to burn fat.
You can change the resistance of the elliptical trainer according to your requirements. This ensures that as your body gets more and more accustomed to the workout on the elliptical trainer, you can easily increase the resistance in order to make it more effective for weight loss.

10. Morning walker:

If you do not get the time to walk on a daily basis, you can easily use the morning walker in order to mimic a walking session. This will help you in mimicking the walking session with the help of proper vibrations.
The morning walker can not only help you warm-up for your exercise but also help you in losing weight by mimicking the walking session. That is why; it is so effective for weight loss.
So, if you’re looking for the best fitness equipment for weight loss at the gym, these are the 10 machines which you can use on a regular basis. We have handpicked these machines in order to provide you with the best probability of losing weight when you work out at the gym using these machines.
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