Top 3 Healthy Breakfast Options that Will Help You Lose Weight

If you are into weight loss, you might be wanting to look up the internet for suggestions related to where to buy kitchenware in Australia. The reason for this is that eating with proper utensils, such as the fork, can ensure that you consume fewer calories and that less food is consumed than you would do if you were to use a spoon.

The underlying psychology is that a spoon has more surface than a fork, hence the term spoonful. While eating with spoons, we are more likely to become absent-minded and gobble up greater portions of food than we would if we were to eat mindfully with a fork.

Additionally, spoons make the perfect companion for ice cream, pudding, cake, and many more fatty dessert options.

However, replacing your spoon with a fork isn’t the only recommendation for a healthier way of eating. Before we jump into the list of healthy breakfast options that will keep you in the perfect shape, we want to leave one more tip: keep a mirror close from where you can “watch” yourself while you are eating – weight-conscious people don’t like to see themselves consuming fatty food. The presence of a mirror forces them to come to terms with reality and become more conscious about the food choices that they are making.

The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

You might have heard it before – for a successful day, you have to start the day right, and it doesn’t involve getting up early, positive affirmations, and having the right mindset. The success of your day also heavily relies on what you eat after you wake up.

By consuming the wrong food, you can amplify your cravings for unhealthy food choices first thing in the morning, and your day is doomed to fail. On the contrary, if you start your day with a glass of water and proceed to consume a healthy breakfast, you will curb your cravings and feel full and satiated until the clock strikes for lunchtime.

Even if you have opted for intermittent fasting, you still want to not skip breakfast. Having a good breakfast that is packed with healthy nutrients serves as the perfect kick-start and eases the process of weight loss. Besides, you won’t be thinking much about mod-meal snacking. Instead, in-between meals, stay hydrated and make sure you consume sufficient water.

Here are three healthy breakfast ideas that promote weight loss!


Eggs are cheap, versatile, and stacked with everything that you need for a healthy breakfast. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is about the importance of a strong immune system and a healthy lifestyle. By consuming eggs daily, you will get a vital source of protein, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for the body.

Now, you might be wondering how eggs can contribute to weight loss. Since eggs are packed with protein, they keep you full for a longer time and suppress your appetite. When eggs are consumed for breakfast, they automatically boost your chances of losing weight at a rapid pace.

According to different health and diet studies, eggs are an excellent replacement for beagles and doughnuts in the morning. You will feel fuller and experience a decrease in food cravings throughout the day. The best part of eggs is that you can cook and prepare your breakfast in a variety of ways. One day, you could have boiled eggs, and on other days, you could opt for scrambled eggs, eggs burrito, sunny-side-up eggs. The options are countless, and you will never run out of recipes.

For a more nutritious breakfast, combine the eggs with a side of tomatoes or your favorite veggies. You should also try avocado toast – you will fall in love with the burst of flavors and the wide range of health benefits.


If you are addicted to sugary breakfasts, such as cereals and peanut butter-jelly toasts, you will find bananas as a great, tasty, and essentially healthy alternative. While bananas will stop you from going bananas while watching your weight, you will also satisfy your sweet tooth and feel no further sugar cravings throughout the day.

One medium-sized banana is packed with approximately 100 calories and nearly 3% of fiber. An adult needs approximately 12% of fiber each day for maintaining their health. By starting your day right with bananas, you are more likely to fulfill a major part of your daily fiber needs first thing in the morning.

Whole fibers help you feel fuller for a longer time; these are also good for weight loss as they curb food cravings. Ripe bananas are also vital sources of potassium and resistant starch. While potassium is smoothing that your body needs every day, the resistant starch helps the body with a decreased appetite since it doesn’t get digested by the stomach and small intestines.

Numerous research recommends eating bananas as an effective way to reduce belly fat and control food intake.


Many people think about coffee first thing in the morning – they need the caffeine to hit their brain cells, so they feel awake enough to take over the world every day. Some studies indicate that coffee carries essential benefits, including weight loss. Coffee is said to boost metabolism (which is why many people feel the need to poop after consuming coffee) and burn fat.

Some studies even indicate that regular use of coffee among adults can assist in weight control and balanced breakfast. Just pair your cup of coffee with your favorite breakfast, such as an avocado toast or an egg burrito, and boost your brain and metabolism simultaneously. This way, coffee serves you as the perfect meal upgrade in the morning.

The only thing that you need to take care of is not to add any creamer and sugar to your cup of coffee. Else the health-promoting elements will be eliminated. Crème and sugar are packed with calories and not a healthy option for a healthy breakfast. Don’t forget to add vitamin C-enriched fruits to your daily breakfast.

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