Top 8 Reasons to Have a Coffee Machine at Your Home or Office

Millions of people start their day with their favorite cup of joe. Whether they brew their coffee or buy it from a cafe, every coffee enthusiast would agree that they cannot just skip their morning cup of espresso. Most people like to make their coffee by themselves, and hence they buy a coffee machine. With so much variety available in the market, it’s easier to find the best espresso machine under 1000 or in any other budget. If you are looking for any more reasons to buy a coffee machine, here are the eight reasons why you must have a coffee machine at home or office.

Saves Time

Do you get annoyed every time you have to wait in line in a cafe to get your favorite coffee? The line always seems to get bigger when you hurry to reach your office. You don’t have to deal with that anymore. If you have a coffee machine at your home, you can wake up, brew your coffee, and start your day. Furthermore, having a coffee machine in the office pantry would save your trip to the cafe, and you can sip the coffee in the comfort of your office.

More Socializing

Coffee machines are a new place for hanging out in the pantry during your break. Coffee machine talks have replaced the water cooler talks in the office. Colleagues bond over coffee and talk about their lives. However, it may not feel like a significant benefit of a coffee machine. Those few minutes of socializing while sipping coffee can instantly fill you up with energy, and it can quickly get rid of all the fatigue and laziness. You can shake it off with a coffee and resume your work with more energy.

More Productivity at the Workplace

The human body starts losing biorhythm with continuous work. That means even if you don’t have a big lunch, your body still starts feeling heavy and lazy after two o’clock in the afternoon. Apart from the first cup of coffee in the morning that helps you start your work, a second post-lunch coffee can help you shake off laziness and start your work with more energy. You’ll be surprised to see how much work gets done once you get the caffeine rush.

Saves Money in the Long Run

Popular cafe chains charge around $2 to $5 for a regular cup of coffee. That means if you drink $5 coffee three times a day; you spend about $450 per month on your coffee. That is outrageous! Why would you want to spend that much money on outside coffee when you can get the best espresso machine under 1000? That is two months’ worth of your coffee spent one time on a coffee machine. You will be saving plenty of money in the long run.

Keep People in the Office

It may not be good news for employees, but the companies can keep their team members in the office when they have a coffee machine in the office pantry. Visiting the nearby cafe and having coffee with colleagues can easily take an hour off your schedule. When there’s a coffee machine in the office, the employees won’t leave your office and waste their office time on trips to the cafe. It will help the offices to promote the best use of the office time.

You Can Have Specialty Coffee

Coffee machines allow you to brew a long-range of specialty coffee. You don’t have to spend money on substandard coffee anymore. You can taste exotic flavors of coffee and find the one that suits your taste buds. You can choose the coffee according to its flavor, origin, and aroma. You can easily find a long range of specialty coffees in offline and online stores.

Low Maintenance

Premium coffee machines require little to no maintenance. You have to maintain a regular cleaning routine to remove any grime and debris from the filters and machine. Even if the machine faces any problem, you can contact the machine company to repair it or replace it with a new machine.

Promotes Company Reputation

When you have a premium coffee machine at your office, your teams will hold your company in higher regard. It means you care for your employees and want them to have the best coffee. Just remember to have premium specialty coffees in the pantry.

Who would have thought that coffee machines would be an inseparable part of human life? With so many benefits it offers, it would be imperative to have a coffee machine in your home or office.


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