Vitamin C Benefits For Weight Loss: 8 Of The Best Foods To Eat

In one study from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, it has been concluded that Vitamin C is related to body weight. Also, in other research, claims were made with regards to how Vitamin C can be highly effective in the reduction of stomach fat.

With many Vitamin C benefits for weight loss, a lot of you are probably left wondering about its best sources. What should you eat to yield Vitamin C, and in turn, make it a big help in shedding off pounds? Read the rest of this post and know more about some of the best sources of Vitamin C and how it will help you to lose weight.​


When talking about the fruits with a high content of Vitamin C, oranges are perhaps the ones that will be on the top of the list. One of the best things about oranges is that they are fat-free. They are also high in fiber, which makes them filling. A medium-sized orange can contain as much as 3.1 grams of fiber.

While oranges contain Vitamin C, the concentration is not as high as the other sources that will be mentioned in the rest of this post. In fact, one fruit only contains an average of 70 milligrams of Vitamin C.

While oranges can help in losing weight, such is not exactly the case with artificial orange juices. They contain tons of preservatives, especially sugar. With the artificial sweeteners, they are high in calories and will make you fat. If you want to prepare orange juice in a healthy way, below is a short video that shows you how it can be done:​


On average, one serving of papaya can contain as much as 188 milligrams of Vitamin C. It is best to eat papaya on its own. But, if you want to be creative, there are other ways to enjoy papaya, such as in your salad or as a nutritious smoothie.

The low-calorie content of papaya is another reason why it aids in weight loss. 100 grams of papaya contains only 43 calories. It is also zero cholesterol and is a good source of water. Best of all, it is high in fiber, which minimizes the likelihood that you will go hungry quickly.


In one cup of strawberries, there are only 49 calories. That is the reason why this is an ideal alternative to a number of sweet treats that use artificial sugar. It is also a good thing that it is high in fiber, which significantly improves digestion.

Aside from weight loss, there are also many benefits that you can yield from eating strawberries. For instance, it can be instrumental in the reduction of inflammation. Also, because of its antioxidants, it is vital in the prevention of the damage to the cells that can result from the free radicals.

Bell Pepper

A lot of you might be surprised knowing that bell peppers contain Vitamin C. The truth is that every one cup serving of bell pepper contains as much as 117 milligrams of Vitamin C. It can be used in sandwiches, pasta, and can also be stuffed the way you want it.

If there is one reason why bell pepper is good for weight loss, it would be the fact that it contains capsaicin. The latter is also the compound that is responsible for its spicy flavor. Red bell pepper, to be specific, has a high concentration of such fat-burning compound.


More than being high in Vitamin C, which is around 79 milligrams per serving, another reason to include pineapple in your diet is the fact that it is rich in fiber. It keeps your stomach occupied, and hence, it will take long before you will feel the urge to eat.

It is also important to mention that pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that can be highly instrumental in the improvement of digestion. To make the most out of it, make sure to not eat pineapple with any other food.


When it comes to vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C, broccoli is one name that should be on the top of the list. One cup of broccoli can contain as much as 81 milligrams of Vitamin C, which is higher compared to common vegetables.

The level of Vitamin C becomes lesser when the broccoli is cooked. However, the good thing is that such should not be too much of a problem as it doubles almost every other nutrient, such as potassium and folate.

Kiwi Fruit

Every serving of kiwi fruit contains 72 milligrams of Vitamin C. In fact, a lot of people have tried the Morning Kiwi Diet, wherein they start their day with consuming a whole fruit, believing that it aids in weight loss.

The high content of Vitamin C in kiwi is one of the reasons why it is able to improve digestion and block fat. Nonetheless, while there is no direct evidence pointing out to how it helps to burn fat, it has high fiber content which makes it filling.


Green, leafy vegetables are known for the abundance of their health benefits. The same thing holds true in the case of kale, which is said to contain as much as 120 milligrams of Vitamin C in every 100-gram serving.

The low-calorie density is another reason why it will help in speeding up weight loss. It allows your stomach to feel full without being loaded with unnecessary calories. It is easy to overeat on kale while being sure that it does not add too much on your weight or fat.


The Vitamin C benefits for weight loss are amazing and have been proven in several studies. With this, be sure to load up on the foods that have been mentioned above. They should form part of your daily diet, which will help you to transition into a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Are there other foods that you would like to add to the list? Are they effective for weight loss? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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