What Are the Best Futon Frames? Most Useful Tips for Buying Them

Futons are a piece of furniture that has been around for a very, very long time. But the best futon frames of today, needless to say, are so much more versatile and practical than the old-fashioned ones. Because these modern designs can convert from bed to sofa to lounger.

You can relax and sleep on a futon frame. It’s also a very decorative-looking item to have in your living room. But then how do you go about choosing one that’s right for you and your home. What type of construction, style, material, etc. is the best option?

Since the popularity has grown over the past few years, factors like affordability, durability, and comfort are a huge part of the experience. Nevertheless, some useful tips for buying can really make the process less confusing. So keep reading to find out everything possible about futon frames…

But What Exactly Is A Futon?

Convertible couches and alternative beds occupy the category of futons. The term and sometimes even its images might confuse you. Because the original version of the futon was actually a Japanese-style bed with cotton pad filling. And it used to be placed on the floor. But that’s not the modern design.

Then there’s another version that consists of large-size blocks made of foam. These types of chairs and couches you can unfold into a bed-like platform.

And now let’s talk about the more recent i.e. modern futon. This one’s made of either metal or wood. And it has can accommodate a mattress. That means you can fold this in half. Folding the futon into a comfortable couch. Then unfolding it for a bed. And such frames last for quite a few years.

The most captivating part here is that you can easily change the futon’s cover to give it a new appearance. And you can even swap the old mattress for a new one. In simple words, this is convenience at its best.

Best Futon Frames – Metal or Wood?

  • Wooden Futon Frames

Needless to say, wooden furniture is the most traditional of the two. Even in the case of futon frames of course. That’s because wood not only looks more attractive. But it’s also very solid in terms of quality and durability. Wooden frames give you a longer-lasting lifespan, which is why they’re more expensive.

But then does that also mean wood is heavier? Yes, unfortunately, that is true as well. So it might be slightly difficult to move your wooden futon frame from one place to another. Whenever solid wood is a part of the construction, you get less flexibility. And this matters a great deal in the case of futons because of the convertibility.

You should know that now there are quite a few affordable wooden futon frames too. Thanks to the increasing popularity of this beautiful-looking and practical piece of furniture. And these, more often than not, are constructed using particleboard or softer woods. The drawback, however, is that they’re less durable, no doubt about that. But then perfect for basic use.

  • Metal Futon Frames

Certainly less expensive in comparison to wooden frames, metal futons are just as durable. The more lightweight design is quite appealing. Because then that means it makes the futon frame more portable. You can move the furniture quickly and easily from one room to the other. And this is something you simply cannot do with less flexible wooden futon frames.

Also, the metal version folds into various shapes. But don’t expect it to look as visually attractive as the wooden counterparts. However, keep in mind that metal futon frames serve more than they cost.

Best Futon Frames – Size

Even in this category, you have plenty of options to choose from.

  • Full-Size

The idea of a full-sized frame means a luxuriously comfortable full-sized mattress. But then that demands space in the room. To be more specific, full-sized futon frames have a width between 76.5 inches and 87 inches.

  • Twin-Size

As the term suggests, twin-sized frames accommodate twin mattresses. And the width here is between 41 inches and 50.5 inches.

  • Queen-Size

This one’s perfect for a queen-size mattress. The futon frame has a width anywhere between 82 inches and 91.5 inches.

Best Futon Frames – Styles

Let’s find out what we have here…

Traditional Futon Frames

These designs are like a regular sofa. You get full arms and a matching mattress for the futon.

Lounge Futon Frames

There’s just no denying that the lounge style is the most comfortable and relaxed. It consists of the foldable back and the sitting surface. And you can convert the upright position of the futon frame to fully flat.

Armless Futon Frames

The armless kind has a lot in common with traditional beds. It’s a lot more flexible and practical because of the sleek design. On top of that, the futon mattress here is also pretty flexible plus thick.

Frequently Asked Questions About Futon Frames

What are the different types of futon frames?

Let’s start with bifold futons. You can fold it into half for a backrest and seat. And then fold the frame down for converting it into bed.

The next type is the loveseat futon, and it’s perfect for small spaces. Fold the frame into a loveseat, then open for converting it into bed. You can get one that has a lounger as well.

Then is the tri-fold futon, which consists of a seat, backrest, and ottoman extension. So convert this piece of furniture into a recliner, lounger, couch, or bed.

The last and final type is the bunk bed. It’s more like a combination of all the other types of futon frames discussed above.

How to make futons more comfortable?

Don’t be under the impression that every futon feels like a luxury. You have to make sure that your futon frame is paired with a thick, comfortable mattress for a lavish experience. So here are some pointers that might help…

  • Once again, buy the most comfortable mattress for the futon.
  • You can place wood bed slats below the mattress.
  • Some people also get a featherbed and add it to the mattress.
  • A thick, comfortable mattress topper is very transformative as well.
  • Comforters are also a good idea.

How much do the best futon frames cost?

The price could be as high as $1000 or as affordable as $300. And this includes a mattress of course. Then there are mid-range options as well, which cost about $500. And these are certainly the better choice because of their excellent durability and quality.


Make it a point to choose a futon frame that meets your needs and personal preferences. Please note that not all of them are designed the same way. Also, what works for someone else may not necessarily feel comfortable or even fit into your home space.

However, what they all have in common is their multipurpose utility.

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