What Does Foie Gras Taste Like? You Might Be Shocked!

Being a passionate cook means that you’re always discovering new meals and you’re always in a search for that sensational taste. It also means that you want to know everything about the food that you prepare.

A while ago, while I was searching for recipes, I came across the well-known delicacy – Foie Gras. As curious as I am, I just had to find out what does Foie Gras taste like.

What does foie gras taste like

Grilled foie gras and salmon sushi

However, according to experts, before you try to make this delicacy on your own, first you should try the one made by a professional cook. That way, you’ll know its taste and if you do like it, you can make it at home.

Luckily, my friend is a cook and this is one of his favorite delicacies, so he offered to make Foie Gras for me (and I’m thankful for that).

For those of you who always wondered what does it taste like, but you never actually had enough courage to find out, I’m sharing my experience with you. Hopefully, you’ll find out whether or not you are ready to try this quite unique delicacy.

All you need to know about the Foie Gras

So, what does Foie Gras taste like? Hmmm. Let’s see. Its taste is just extraordinary. It cannot be compared with anything that you tried before. It’s a gentle combination of salty and sweet. Soft and rich, its texture is like a butter. It melts in your mouth and creates a unique experience. When I first tried it, I thought I died and went to Heaven. It’s just that good.

Now, let’s find out what actually Foie Gras is and how you can make it.

What actually the Foie Gras is?

Foie Gras (“fattened liver”) is one of the world’s countless luxury foods. It is made from the liver of a goose or duck. Since goose is considered to have the better texture and to be more delicious, it isn’t surprising that it is more expensive.

Grey foie gras geese

Grey foie gras geese

Although Hungary is well-known for producing the foie gras, this delicacy is very popular in French cuisine. Moreover, it can be said that it is something that French chefs are proud of. So, if you want to try one of the best-made foie gras, feel free to visit Paris.

Why is the Foie Gras banned in many countries?

In case you haven’t heard about Foie Gras before, you should know that the feeding of both birds is highly controversial. The reason for that is because the birds are force-fed so their livers fatten up. While a regular liver weighs about 50g, their livers weigh around 300g.

That being said, it doesn’t surprise me (or anyone else) why in many countries the production of Foie Gras is banned.  Some of the countries that don’t allow the production of this delicacy are UK, Germany, Norway, Brazil, Australia, Asia, as well as some parts of the United States.

Also, many retailers have ceased the sale of this luxury delicacy, in order to support campaigns and protests related to the force-feeding method.

Is it okay to eat it?

However, despite the controversy surrounding this delicacy, people all over the world do enjoy its unique flavor. While some of us prefer eating Foie Gras in the restaurants, others are more eager to make this delicacy at the comfort of their home.

The sensational flavor of Foie Gras just can’t be denied. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that the Foie Gras has a high percentage of fat and that you shouldn’t eat too much of it.

Below you’ll find one of my favorite Foie Grais recipe that is easy to make. The result is just yummylicious. Let’s make it and see what does it really taste like!

What to make with Foie Gras?

If you’re ready to make this fantastic delicacy, you’ll love this recipe.

Outstanding Sauteed Duck Foie Gras

Servings: 4 / Prep time: around 20 min / Cooking time: 10 min / Total time: around 30 min

Sauteed Duck Foie Gras

Sauteed Duck Foie Gras via epicurious.com

This meal is ideal for Christmas Eve dinner, as your guests will be impressed with its remarkable taste.


  • ½ lb piece fresh duck foie gras (grade A) at room temperature; deveined
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of pepper
  • 2 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • 2 Tablespoons port
  • 2 teaspoons clarified butter


Step 1: Slice evenly the foie gras crosswise into thick pieces. After that, use salt and pepper to season. In a heavy skillet, heat 1 teaspoon of clarified butter.

Step 2: When butter is hot enough, saute half the foie gras for around 50 seconds, turning once. When golden, remove it from the skillet and place it on a paper towel. This part is important, as foie gras has over 85% fat. The paper towel will absorb fat.  Oh, don’t forget to throw away fat from the skillet.

Step 3: Following the same steps, saute the rest of the foie gras. After you’ve done that, throw away most of the fat. You should leave just 1 tbsp of fat in the skillet. Then add balsamic vinegar and port. Heat to bubbling.

Step 4: Serve Foie Gras with sauce and sautéed pears. You’ll love this delicious combination.

If you want to make the well-known terrine of foie gras, here you’ll find out the entire process.

So, what does the foie gras really taste like?

So, guys, there you have it. The story about the famous Foie Gras. Hopefully, you now know whether or not this is something you’d try. However, once you try it, you’ll never forget the flavorful taste of the foie gras. Like others before you, you’ll also fall in love in its soft, rich texture that just melts in your mouth.

Do you love the recipe? Do you have other recipes to share? Don’t hesitate to leave any comment below. Apart from that, thanks for stopping by! As always, it is your feedback that fuels my passion for writing.

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