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What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like? And How Do I Use It Properly?

I love cheese. I could eat it all day and with everything. There are, though, some cheeses that may not be good for every occasion or that can seem too strong. This is the case with goat cheese.

Often, when I write recipes or see some online, I wonder what does goat cheese taste like? Can it blend well with these other ingredients? Is it going to please everyone?

What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like

Goat cheese with fresh thyme

These are all questions that are far more common than you may think and they actually make a lot of sense. Let’s discuss what’s the real deal with goat cheese, what does goat cheese taste like, when and how it can be used and more!

Let’s Talk Cheese!

First things first, what does goat cheese taste like? Well, it depends… But most of them, have a very distinctive tart and earthy flavor. Here are some variations of goat cheeses and their characteristics, including taste:

Soft, Fresh Goat Cheese

This is probably the most commonly sold goat cheese, and it has a stronger edge to its flavor. This cheese usually has a moist, fresh curd texture. It is also supposed to smell light and fresh, not sour.

Soft, Ripened Goat Cheese

The taste in this one is stronger as well, and it’s also more complex. It may have a smell of ammonia, and though it may taste somewhat more stronger, it shouldn’t taste sour either.

Semisoft Goat Cheese

This cheese is very similar to a white cheddar, the taste is also alike and so is the texture. It is also a very long lasting cheese.

Firm, Fresh Goat Cheese

This cheese comes in a foil wrap and has a caramel color to it. The taste is very sweet, and a bit tangy, with a firm consistency.

Hard, Fresh Goat Cheese

This one is very similar to Parmesan cheese. The texture and flavor is as well, and it’s mostly used for grating.

Goat cheese with almonds and raisins

Goat cheese with almonds and raisins

How To Buy The Correct Goat Cheese

As you can see, just like with most cheeses, there is a large variety to choose from. It’s important to know what you want in your cheese in order to purchase the right one. You don’t want to end up with something that disrupts your meal or palette!

Before you buy into goat cheese, keep in mind the texture is key. Goat’s milk is equally able to give as many textures as cow or sheep milk.

As I mentioned before goat cheese can be fresh (unripened) or ripened, and the taste changes according to how it was made.

  • Unripened goat cheese is soft and isn’t always in a log shape. This cheese will develop a white and wrinkly cover as it ages with time.
  • Ripened goat cheese is firm and because it has been aged longer, taste is strong.

With these two choices in mind, now you should know that goat cheese is delicate. Like a good wine, once opened, it should be consumed almost immediately, so make sure you buy just enough.

It’s also key to take a look at packaging. Avoid plastic wraps, as these invite mold. If you buy a vacuum-sealed cheese, make sure there’s no excess liquid and the color is right.

If you would like to make your own cheese instead, check out the video below:

Storing Your Cheese

As with cheeses like Ricotta cheese, storing your goat cheese is also essential for it to be flavorful and safe to eat.

Remember, avoid plastic wraps at all costs. Goat cheese needs to breathe, and storing in plastic will make it go bad almost immediately.

Vacuum-sealed cheese can last, when unopened, for at least two months. When you open it though, take it out of the package and store it in a plastic or glass container with a lid.

When you get a goat cheese that comes with a rind and didn’t come wrapped in paper, wrap it first in wax paper, and then in plastic. Then immediately store it in the refrigerator.

No matter how good you store it, goat cheese should be enjoyed within a few days of being bought. If you think it is too sour or too strong, then it’s probably not good anymore and you should toss it.

Benefits of Using Goat Cheese

When you compare goat’s milk to cow’s milk, you’ll find that it is lower in fat, cholesterol and calories. Goat cheese is also higher in calcium and has fewer carbohydrates.

This cheese is usually also easier to digest given their fat content. Because it doesn’t have lactose, it can be tried when there is a lactose intolerance or milk-related allergy.

When To Use Goat Cheese

By now you have a good idea of what does goat cheese taste like, and how to pick it, and store it. It’s time to find out when you should use goat cheese.

I have found that more often than not, there is some sort of goat cheese that goes well with most dishes. Remember that with any cheese, it is always crucial to have a good cheese slicer, otherwise, the cheese might be ruined.

Here are some of my favorite recipes:

Oven Roasted Potatoes with Goat Cheese

Potatoes with Creamy Goat Cheese

Potatoes with Creamy Goat Cheese from foodnetwork.com


  • 8 fingerling potatoes
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 2 tbsp fresh rosemary
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 4 ounces fresh goat cheese


  1. Preheat your oven to 425°F. Toss your potatoes with the rosemary and olive oil on a baking pan. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Roast potatoes for about 20-30 minutes, turn them halfway through.
  3. When ready, remove from oven, and crumble goat cheese on top.
  4. Broil them until your cheese is golden. Serve and enjoy!

Smoked Salmon with Goat Cheese


  • 4 ounces goat cheese
  • 1 lime (Use the juice)
  • 12 pieces (6 oz) smoked salmon
  • 12 chives, finely chopped
  • Pepper to taste


  1. Combine the goat cheese, pepper and lime juice until it becomes a smooth mixture.
  2. Place a small scoop of the blend on top of each salmon slice. Fold into a log.
  3. Once all logs are done, plate them and add chives on top. Enjoy!

I’m Ready to Try It Out!

Do you feel like by now you know what does goat cheese taste like? I hope so! Remember that taste varies depending on the kind of cheese, but it is usually tart and earthy. Some goat cheeses are softer and less strong, so maybe try these first.

Are you ready to try it out? Would you make these recipes? Tell me what you think on the comments below!

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